Masque (USA, 16:00)

Directed by: Robert Hatch

Written by: Richard Losee


Lauren Holly, Richarch Losee, Wilford Brimley

Defying a fate of destruction and despair, a scarred and evil prizefighter, henchman, and gambler conscripts the artful skills of a gifted benefactor who proffers the hope of a mythical journey of...

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May (Second Session) (Australia, 13min)

Directed by: Patrick Fileti and A. Chris Moreira

Written by: A. Chris Moreira, Mark Schoeller, Patrick Fileti



Arianwen Parkes-Lockwood, Gertraud Ingeborg


A short film that illustrates that you are never too old to come of age.

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Mont Reve (USA, 116 mins.)

Directed by: Lynn von Kersting and Rocky Collins

Written by: India Irving


India Irving, Mario Rivelli, Andrei Belgrader, Andy Demetrio, Brigitte Buny, Charles von Bernuth, Danny Pardo, Gianfranco Terrin, Henry LeBlanc, Ian Fisher, Israel Urbina, Jes Breaux, Joe Bays, Jorge Urbina, Juan Urbina, Julian Nava, Keith Barletta, Kendra von Bernuth, Lauren Gaw, Mark Jacobson, Mary Joan Negro, Nathaly Prado, Pat Crowley, Teni Panosian, Tommaso Sacco. 

Marco della Riva, Italian student at the elite Swiss boarding school, Mont Reve, is not your ordinary guy. A fierce athlete and secretly a writer, he is quite the trouble maker and of course a ladies man. With his on campus nemeses, the drug-dealing Spanish gang, vowing to cause him and his group of Italians trouble, life is a constant game to reach the finish without being caught. But when Marco's eyes set upon Divina V. Rawling, a British classmate and dancer with a perfect record and lineage extraordinaire, his charm is tested. Will she risk his reputation and give him a chance? And when faculty find evidence he's been in the girls' dorms, will he even be allowed to remain at Mont Reve?

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My Little Demon (USA, 76 mins.)

Directed by: Steven James Creazzo

Written by: Steven James Creazzo

Psychologist, Rebecca Crowe (Ali Stover) makes
Evelyn Larson (Diana Cherkas) an offer she can't refuse.
Murder an innocent person and her long deceased daughter
will be returned to her... From HELL. 'My Little Demon' is a fast
paced, claustrophobic fable about how far a mother will go to
save the life of her child, as well as her very own soul.

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