L.A Tea Time (Canada, 1:25:00)

Directed by: Sophie Bédard Marcotte

Written by: Sophie Bédard Marcotte

A filmmaker stuck in an arid, jobless Montreal winter embarks on an improbable quest across the USA, taking her director of photography along for the journey. L.A. TEA TIME is an unusual travelogue, at times meditative, at times haunted, recounting the adventures of Sophie and Isabelle with humour and a little touch of magic.

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Last Party (United States, 1:24:43)

Directed by: Julian Santos

Written by: Kevin Nittolo, Julian Santos

Cast: Samantha Brooks, Anna Clare Kerr, Lainey Woo, James Williams, Martin Drop, Gabriel Armentano

Over the course of one very long night and Christmas party, three college couples must sort out their tangled love lives before the semester ends. A deceptively simple ensemble movie told in non-linear order. This film is the feature directorial debut of Julian Carlo Santos and stars Samantha Brooks, granddaughter of Mel Brooks, in her first lead role in a feature film.

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Directed by: Irene Nam

Written by: Irene Nam

"LIFE AFTER: A Story of Unexpected Friendships & Random Sh*tstorms" tells the story of four women across the US and Europe who should never have met but unexpectedly bond over the sudden loss of their children.

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Like Daughter, Like Mother (United States, 18:31)

Directed by: Clyde Baldo

Written by: Devi Morgan

Cast: Devi Morgan, Jordan Gosnell, Steve Lichtenstein, Mike Wachs

A mother and daughter navigate the world of online dating together.

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Lim Jong [Deathbed] (Korea, 15 minutes)

Directed by: Sangho An

Written by: Sangho An

Cast: Hye Jin  Kim

At the moment when she was about to end her life, lady receives a call from the hospital. She is told that her father who sexually abused her is at his deathbed. As soon as lady walks into the facility, where his father lies, his heart stops. But she cannot just let him go peacefully. She chokes farther's body, breathing in her illusion as her own life fades.

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Limerence (United States, 33:26)

Directed by: Dan Pedersen

Written by: Dan Pedersen

Cast: Angela Riccetti, Michaela Petro, Timmy Hart Barron

An anxious, isolated film projectionist becomes obsessed with a stranger, and falls headfirst into a terrifying fantasy.

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Limits of the Sea (United Kingdom, 06:09)

Directed by: George Haydock

Written by: George Haydock

Cast: David Taylor, Sally Maguire

Two souls explore a seemingly deserted small coastal town, in this haunting meditation into place and memory.

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Loretta Lynn Gives Directions (United States, 03:05)

Directed by: Malorie Cunningham

Written by: Malorie Cunningham

Cast: Malorie Cunningham, Heath Harckham, Nick Reicheld

Two city boys get lost on a backroad where the Queen of Country, Loretta Lynn, attempts to guide them home.

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Lycanthropy (United Kingdom, 15:59)

Directed by: Alexander Black

Written by: Alexander Black

Cast: Paul Duncan, Stephen Clark, Daniel Knight, Jon McKenna, Laura Bayston

Lycanthropy is a dark investigative thriller short film, which follows detectives Mark Kessler and John Mills, as they search for a missing girl. The story starts in the middle of a crime investigation. We meet the detectives as they wait to search the residence of a key suspect, Mr. Johnson. In the end, it becomes difficult to tell who the real villain is...

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