Directed by: Marta Anatra

Written by: Marta Anatra

"The Green Architect" is an experimental documentary that tells the crossing of an abandoned space in the center of Cagliari. The green architect, which gives the title is an alien tree that with its aerial roots, sediment, envelops and transforms the space that surrounds it, giving rise to new interpretations at story of the place. From the observation of this phenomenon emerge botanical personal and collective stories that identify the landscape as sedimentation of narratives. "The Green Architect" is an art project since 2011, and has developed into different forms, in part visible on the website

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l'Aube (France, 28:22)



Cast: Benjamin FEITELSON

After having served a sentence of thirty years of prison for a double murder, a man is kidnapped and isolated. Chained up in a secluded barn between fields and forests, he starts to lead a life which slowly annihilates his resistance.

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L'homme de main (France, 99)

Directed by: Tudal Saunier

Written by: Cherqui Gilles

Cast: Boukebza Ambre, Cherqui Gilles, Da Costa Eric, Platel Joffrey

Fresh out of prison, Daniel joins a group of criminals in the Parisian suburbs. There he discovers a world where he is accepted as a friend and 'part of the family'.
But has he made the right choice? And will he be finally able to face up to his own responsibilities?

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La Visita (A Visit) (Italy, 11)

Directed by: Marco Bolla

Written by: Matteo Contin, Marco Bolla

Possessive mother with her husband by her side, meet their not so young son (who lost his use of speech) in a psychiatric clinic waiting room. By the end of the visit, the son won't be going back to his ward.

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Ladies Night (USA, 15 MIN)

Directed by: Corey Scott Rutledge

Written by: Stephanie Iscovitz

Cast: Allison Hope Cohen, Amy Rutledge, Anna Bakunova, Anna Carey, Brad Stuart, Brooks Russell, Caila Lavine, Dirk Otis, Grant Lancaster, Jaclyn Gramigna, Jennifer Dorr White, Joanna Gurin, Kathryn Rhoads, Keena Fleeming, Keith Panzerella, Kerri Kenny Clegg, Lily DePaula, Nicole Chalmers, Richard Templeton, Sarah duRivage-Jacobs, Stephanie Iscovitz, Susan Caro, Tom Meyer, Wesley Tunison

Sadie is left reeling after her boyfriend's mother breaks up with her. When she goes to a karaoke bar to commiserate with her two best friends, she finds herself entering familiar territory. They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing more than once expecting different results, but her best friends wonder: will Sadie ever learn?

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Laura (USA, 1 hr 36 Min)

Directed by: Josh Whittaker

Written by: Josh Whittaker

Cast: James Rohrbaugh, Josh Whittaker, Kate Califano, Lauren Robinson

A depressed loner is shaken up after the death of a childhood friend. As he tries to heal his friends through the tragedy, he desperately seeks a connection with someone who truly understands him.

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Le Petit Cyrano (France, 26)

Directed by: Thibault Mombellet

Written by: Thibault Mombellet

Cast: Hugo Dillon, Aurélia Arto, Adrien Gamba-Gontard, Pierre-Benoist Varoclier, Delphine Biard, Alice Leonard

Final representation from a young theatre company. The main character passes out during the play. To save the show a young stage manager comes to the stage.

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Left (USA, 2 Min)

Directed by: Nathan Marcus

Written by: Gabe Oppenheim

Cast: Sima Kasten

Left is the story of a girl found in a forgotten place

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Let There Be Light (Ecuador, 52)

Directed by: Anna Wilking

In 'Let There Be Light', Javier must rebuild his life with his three children after tragedy strikes their household in Quito, Ecuador.

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Directed by: Andrew McGivern

Cast: Ron "Pepper" Brown

'Life Under the Bridge' is a documentary about Ron 'Pepper' Brown, a homeless artist living with HIV under the famous 6th Street Bridge in Los Angeles.

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Little Lamb (Australia, 23)

Directed by: Heidi Lee Douglas

Written by: Heidi Lee Douglas

Cast: Georgia Lucy, James Grim, Jude Kuring

A young convict woman desperate for freedom rashly chooses a new master, but alone on his isolated farm her hopes for a new life are undermined by the grim truths she discovers.

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Directed by: Xabier Elkorobarrutia

An original music video from the european rock and roll band "Los Brazos", recorded during their US Tour across Midwest on summer 2013.

The power trio perfomed 7 gigs in 6 cities across the States of Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois, in a 10 day tour funded by the band itself. A brief road movie of what an independent unlabeled band can do in order to reach the audience efficiently.

Recorded by Xabier Elkorobarrutia, the video features the band's song "Where to Go", included in their second album "Welcome to Los Brazos".

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Lost Creatures (USA, 24 Min)

Directed by: Rick Williams

Written by: Rick Williams

Cast: Carla Kennedy, Eileen Wilcox

A story of two conflicting woman, Gail and Deloris. Both woman dealing with their denials, secrets and pain.
Gail who is an artist, has removed herself from the world around her and Deloris, a social worker who has put herself too deep into her work.

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Directed by: Aitor Marín Correcher

Written by: Aitor Marín Correcher

Cast: Aitor Marín Correcher

He, she and a webcam in New York.

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Directed by: Dominic Polcino

Written by: Dominic Polcino

The adventures of a single guy in L.A. in search of true love. A philosophical journey into the meaning of life, love, bla, bla, bla... Featuring sensuous images, a lush soundtrack, and top notch comedic performances.

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Low Cost Flocks (Italy, 00:72:00)

Directed by: Giacomo Agnetti

Written by: Giacomo Agnetti

Low Cost Flocks is a movie about the concept of travel and the imaginary of the journey

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