L'Effet (Canada, 87 minutes)

Directed by: Jocelyn Langlois

Written by: Catherine Allard


Catherine Allard, Jocelyn Langlois

What if the earth were to be plunged into a total energy vacuum. If all the world's engines, batteries, airwaves and electricity stopped working. How would we react. What would be the reaction of a mother, a child, an elderly person. Or of a desperate woman, separated from her lover by a continent.

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L'Incognita (Italy, 22min)

Directed by: Enrico MUzzi

Written by: Enrico Muzzi


Aurore Martignoni, Gianluca Lai, Matteo Cotugno, Silvano Cavallina

A middle-aged man loses his job and can no longer manage to get back on track again. 

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La Fille Du Martin (Canada, 1hr 22min)

Directed by: Samuel Thivierge

Written by: Samuel Thivierge


Catherine Michaud, Samuel Thivierge, Nathalie Cavezzali, Symon Michaud, Kristian Hodko, France Pilotte, Christian Cardinal, Anne Paradis, Caroline Pilote, Gaétane Boulianne, Jean Drolet, Jessy Dupont, Pierre-Francois Bouffard, Réal Thivierge, Réal Jr. Thivierge, Suzie King


A young women meets an undisciplined ex-classmate... and romance flourish witch embark them in an adventure that will put their life in peril.


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Directed by: Christine Dakin

Written by: Christine Dakin

The personal poetics of a Martha Graham dancer; what a dancer creates and learns in a life of practice, imagination, performance and teaching. American and Mexican dancers and musicians, contemporary and folkloric, show the unique work of dancers and universals of dance with imagery and visual metaphor, making connections to the arts, folkloric dance and the natural world through Graham’s technique which they share. Original music by New York musicians Pat Daugherty (pianist, composer NY Electric Piano) and Scott Morehouse (percussion), with Mexican colleagues Eduardo González (composer, pianist) and Pedro Palacios Gómez (percussion). Dancers Heidi Stoeckley (Martha Graham Dance Company), Samuel Roberts (Alvin Ailey Company), Sergio Pérez Morales, Raul Almeida (Ballet Nacional de Mexico), Adriana León, Alejandro Vera (Univerdanza), Viviana Nava (Ballet Folklorico University of  Colima)

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Las Percepciones Contradictorias (Spain, Vietnam, 14 min)

Directed by: Cesar Espada

Written by: Cesar Espada


Carlos Vera, Eugenio Martinez, Quan Tuan Le

Two men have a philosophical discussion about the meaning of 'a contradictory perception' on top of a mountain overlooking a valley until we find out what they are actually waiting for and decide to experience a real contradictory perception. Philosophy carried out to its most cruel consequences.

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Leave it on the Track (USA, 1hr 20min)

Directed by: Benjamin Pascoe


'Rali Perez, Adam Anderson, Ajani Rhythm, Alexa Buxkemper, Alisha Ogle, Allen Griffith, Ana Merizalde, Anne Sharp, Antonio Gonzales, April Lowery, April Ritzenthaler, Ashley Langford, Ashley Zelisko, Audra Hobbs, Benjamin Pascoe, Beth Rountree, Brandis Stockman, Brent LeVelle, Camille Cline, Cara Bennett, Carl Goines, Jr., Cathy Mumm, Charles Pascoe, Cherish Villareal, Chloe Trueheart, Corey Gusnokski, Danyelle Eddy, Elizabeth Patrick, Emily Pascoe Valdez, Fritz Blaw, Gregory Carpenter, Guy Robinson, Gynae Davalos, Heather Roach, Heidi Walker, Houston Ritcherson, Irie Wonder, J. Craig Wheeler, J. Robinson Wheeler, Jaimie Lee Goines, Jennifer Keyser, Jessie Swanson, Jonny Stranger, Julie Hunter, Kalleen Nutting, Karla Williams, Kate Wissman, Katrine Nordstrom, Kerri St. Aubin, Kristin West, Kristina Montez, Lady Libertine, Lana Butler, Leigh Anne Fagin, Mandy Reynolds, Mandy Lord, Mark Hawkins, Melissa Arcaro, Melissa Gworek, Meredith Killough, Michael Dalmon, Michael Martin, Michelle Broussard, Mike Whitely, Mikii Carroll, Monique Lalonde, Nadia Kean, Natalie Schiro, Natalie Price, Nikki McBurnett, Olivia Vernon, Rebecca Young, Sally Pike, Samantha Armbruster, Shauna Salustri, Shawna Benson, Sonya Ramos, Stella Maxwell, Suzanne Gamewell, Tim Murphy, Troy Twibell, Valeri Abrego-Liszewski, Wesley Page

From the league that sparked the reemergence of Roller Derby comes an all-new documentary feature that focuses on the women involved in one of the greatest championship bouts the sport has ever produced. The Hellcats and the undefeated Cherry Bombs leave it all on the track as they compete for pride, glory and a place in Roller Derby history...not to mention the most prestigious award that TXRD has to offer, the Ann Calvello Cup.

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Let Us Begin (USA, 14 minutes)

Directed by: W. Brandon Bray

'Let Us Begin' chronicles the re-calibration of the Porter family, after their lives are interrupted by Debbie Porter's diagnosis with Lou Gehrig's disease.

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Lucky Story (USA, 15min)

Directed by: Anais LaRoca

Written by: Anais LaRoca, Kristen Buckels


Alice Jankell, Julian Shatkin, Kristen Buckels, Randi Senderowitz

A young single mom and her eccentric 10 year old son get thrown a little luck when they win a $7000 lottery. They believe their prayers have been answered but soon discover that the money may not be the answer to all of their problems.

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