Kaada - Farewell (Norway, 5:00)

Directed by: Christian Holm Glad

Written by: Christian Holm Glad

Cast: Cherish Waters, Susanne Karin Moe, Linn Gjerstad, Patrice Demonier, John-Erik Kaada

"Farewell” is an emotional and visually impressive mosaic of personal stories from across the world that are masterfully connected to the piano driven melancholy of the track. As people, we are scared to make changes. We are afraid of being alone. We are afraid of not making money, so we do the same routines every day. We are risk adverse, but when you dare to do something else, it is often the best decision in life,” director Christian Holm-Glad says of the video.

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Keep Going Joon (United States, 25:52)

Directed by: Cedar Daniels

Written by: Cedar Daniels, Brandon Beilis

Cast: Stephanie Kurtzuba, Todd Alan Crain, Jeremy Holm, Brandon Beilis, Yamaneika Saunders, Nimesh Patel

Juniper, a middle-age father, severely injures himself playing his favorite Tuesday night pick-up basketball game. After surgery to repair his torn ACL, he goes through a tedious rehab to get back to his beloved pastime; only to injure himself again ... and then again. Each surgery causes him to confront his love for the game and his wife’s hope that he’ll stop playing.

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King of the Road (United States, 24:57)

Directed by: Cate Celso

Written by: Cate Celso

Cast: Rick Torres

King of the Road follows Rick Torres, a tractor trailer driver from San Jose California, who has been performing as an Elvis Presley Tribute artist for the past twenty years.

Rick’s story, while unusual, reveals a common theme which many of us share. Balancing day jobs with pursuing our passions and the strength and faith required to do so.

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Kleen (United Kingdom, 14:47)

Directed by: Rafael Cortes

Written by: Rafael Cortes, David Cohen

Cast: Melora Walters, Olivia Taylor Cruz, Benjamin Barrett

A stranger, and a little kismet, give a defeated woman the courage to face her fate.

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Kneeling Sheep (United States, 14:30)

Directed by: Hai Rihan

Written by: Hai Rihan

Cast: Hong Mei, Namar , Baoligao, Havrqeqege

A Mongolian single mother fights to save her son who is about to be executed, only to discover that the absence of justice is crushing her life.

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