KCLOC (USA | 2017, 3 min)

Directed by: Ninaad Kulkarni

KCLOC is a 3D animated documentary on people’s perceptions of time. A selection of brief interviews provide the voices for ten meticulously designed CGI clock head characters, in a variety of real-world settings, as they respond to a single question: “What does time mean to you?”

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King Grandpa (König Opa) (Germany | 2016, 15 min)

Directed by: Martin Grau

Cast: Ezra Finzi, Itzhak Finzi, Marie Zielcke, Samuel Finzi

Clemens lives and breathes his grandfather's stories. When his grandfather passes away, it is difficult for him to understand that it is now his turn to continue telling his stories. Story-telling becomes a way for him to not only keep the stories but also the memory of his grandfather alive.

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Kingsley (USA, 11 min)

Directed by: Ingie Enan

At the age of 18, Kingsley accidentally took the life of his friend with his brother's handgun. After being sentenced 8-20 years in prison, he thought his life was over. But while serving his years, he read 400 books, graduated with honors from his prison education program and, after his release, earned Bachelor's & Master's degrees at NYU, where he now works as a re-entry coordinator. He helps facilitate life after prison for individuals going through their own prison experiences. Kingsley's story touches on the effects of gun violence and life after prison, but more importantly, on the common humanity we all share beneath our labels.

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Kiss Me (Japan, 6 min)

Directed by: Akira Furuta and Ryutaro Nakamura

This is a new-style music video created with the latest VR & 3D sound technology. This film is filmed with the latest stereo 6K 3D VR camera "Insta 360 Pro". We captured 3D real-life images with depth and presence. Through editing with 3D animation, this film gives a very real and slightly mysterious visual experience. Additionally, the ”3D Sound" combining stereophonic and binaural recording provides a more realistic feeling. Specifically, the location of the singers’ voice changes with the movement of the singer. At the same time, when you turn your head, the location of the singer’s voice will change. This gives you a realistic feeling as if hearing whispering in your ear. Furthermore, the voices of the girls surrounding you provide an intense feeling of glamor. Please watch it following the singer’s motion for the first time. Next, please watch 6 times following each girl one by one. That means you can enjoy at least 7 times a total of at least. (This film has been confirmed with Oculus VR, but it is optimized for smartphone Youtube App. We recommend fixing to 2160s with Youtube App.)

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