Killing the Dog (USA, 1hr 25min)

Directed by: Conor Stratton

Written by: Conor Stratton


Aviv Porath, Bruce Lemon, Claire Tyers, Coco Medevitz, Culley Johnson, David Gelles, David Geudelekian, David Sosnow, Dy Maximillian, James Stratton, Jessy Holtermann, Josh Evans, Lauren McCune, Matthew Klein, Michael Thomas Murray, Paul Szent-Miklosy, Sutton Crawford, Vi Flaten

A human story about inhuman people.

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Kiss (United Kingdom, 12min)

Directed by: Mat Johns

Written by: Mat Johns


Clay Whitter, Gerard Leavy, Jay Hobday, Rick Carter, Sarah-Jane Shaw, Serena Ryan, Suzanne Elizabeth Prince, Tom Egan, Una Love

How much for your services?

A short film about loss and the relentless attempts to fill the gap left. The film follows Rob and Charlotte, two lost causes whose paths cross during one lonely night. The film explores the affects of hidden truths and how we are ushered through life without anyone knowing what we've been through.

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