Klappe Cowboy! (Germany, 85 mins.)

Directed by: Timo Jacobs

The self-styled director Cowboy is coming to Berlin with only one goal at long last filming his big blockbuster.
Self assured he is accepting every mission until he is meeting the real artist YPS and starts filming a porn movie, something mysterious is brewing up nearby in the Bedlam- Hospital.
But Cowboy, blind of love, is stitching in a wespsnest and his dilettante qualities are overwhelming his powers by far.

In this trashy-funny Berlin film, directors Timo Jacobs and Ulf Behrens reflect on the pros and cons of independent filmmaking. Their ironic and partly autobiographical low budget flick is a self-financed ode to their humble beginnings.
Even the German title, KLAPPE COWBOY!, is a witty play on words. A 'klappe' is the clapper board used on film shoots.
But 'klappe' is also a slang term used to tell a loud mouth to 'shut it'. And if anything, lead character Cowboy is a pushy, annoying pain in the arse who greatly overestimates his own abilities.

Timo Jacobs, who also plays the lead, let himself be inspired by German independent filmmaker par excellence, Klaus Lemke:
a director who sometimes pulled surprises on his actors and other times simply let them improvise.

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Kung Fu Grandma (United Kingdom, 27 mins.)

Directed by: Jeong-One Park

Korogocho; a Kenyan slum in which the older women have become vulnerable to attack from younger men, fuelled by rumours that intercourse with an elderly woman can be a cure for AIDS. Now, a group of grandmothers come together to protect themselves - the eponymous Kung Fu Grannies.

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