Kidnap (USA, 3 min 55 sec)

Directed by: Sijia Luo

Written by: Sijia Luo


Cindy Lin (voice)

A little chicken is late to school, but her excuse is too wild to believe: getting kidnapped on the way to school. You believe it or not, this chicken is a really good actress and a Kung fu master! After her explanation, you have to believe that her adventure is so true.

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Kill Your Television (Australia, 8 min 5 sec)

Directed by: Andrew Mitchell

Written by: Andrew Mitchell


Anthony Littlechild, Joey Hitten, Nick Musgrove, Olivia DiCocco, Peter Bennett, Serge De Nardo

In an alternate dystopian 1989, Hugo is forced to recruit the help of an old friend, 'Crazy Eddie', in order to help save his sister from the clutches of the evil brainwashing Television Corporation.

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