Directed by: Ben Goldstein

Written by: Ben Goldstein

Cast: Barry Chiate -Narrator James Behr - Original Score

*** Special Sneak Preview****

Jack London, rises from poverty to become the highest paid, most popular and most controversial author in the world.

To support his family Jack London dropped out of school after the eighth grade and became a manual laborer, a pirate, a policeman, a sailor, a hobo, and a prospector. Through self-education he became a writer, a photographer, a leading social reformer and environmentalist. His love affairs, adventurous lifestyle and social activism had a lasting impact on literature and society. One of the top journalists and photo-journalists of his time he covered such major historical events as the Japanese-Russian War, The San Francisco Earthquake and the Mexican Revolution. A century after his death he remains one of the most popular authors in the world.

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Janvier (Italy, 25)

Directed by: Pier Paolo Patti

Written by: Pier Paolo Patti, Emanuele De Amicis

Cast: Alicja Ziolko, Bamba Daouda, Didier Daimonax, Lino Monaco

Insane and consumed by life, Janvier is a middle-aged French musician living on the edge of a metropolis where voices and sounds are piled up and confused in monochromatic concrete landscape. Janvier's escape is a process of auto-exclusion: being no one allows him to interact with the surrounding scenario at various levels of his 'mental orchestra'.He wanders maniacally on the road retaining objects found in the trash, in a peculiar process of mingling and abstraction of waste materials, he creates new tools with which composes and performs his own music in counter-tendency to the logic and the classical dynamics of production, purely for expressive needs.A border music which arises from the madness of a necessary isolation: an extreme experimental version of survival and authenticity.

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Jaya (India, 00:18:30)

Directed by: Puja Maewal

Written by: Puja Maewal

Cast: Faimida Shaikh

JAYA is a short film about a troubled teenage girl in a Mumbai street gang. She masquerades as a boy and makes a living as a thief, until the day she encounters a man who may be her long-lost father.

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José (Belgium , 12)

Directed by: David Mutzenmacher, Alexandre Bouchet, Gaetan Liekens

Written by: David Mutzenmacher, Alexandre Bouchet, Gaetan Liekens

Jose is a champion. Not any champion. He’s a champion that never wins. Today, like every morning, He buys a scratch ticket and goes working at his nymphomaniac boss. Once in the lockers, he scratches his ticket, but he doesn’t realize that two gangsters are in the supermarket.

Belgian made film, co-produced by the French brand Yemaya

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Directed by: Anton Cavka

Written by: Anton Cavka

Cast: Judd Reid, Anton Cavka

Judd Reid is the real life karate kid. As a teenager he was selected to go to Japan and train every day for 1000 days under Kyokushin Karate founder Masutatsu Oyama.
Almost 20 years later he won the WKO world heavyweight championship.

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Juke (USA, 25 Min)

Directed by: Michele Remsen

Written by: Michele Remsen

Cast: Chris Stack, Michele Remsen

A woman tries to buy a jukebox and gets juked.

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Just A Kid (USA, 15)

Directed by: Michael Scotti

Written by: Michael Scotti

Cast: Rory Ogden, Tom Mika, Stacy Kessler, Ashley Beer Produced by: Michael Scotti, Monika Kolodzie

Julie and Edward's early sibling relationship was defined by making movies together. After finding Edward heartbroken, Julie learns that his ex love, Lindsay, is in possession of their camera. Determined to make a movie with him in hopes of mending his heartbreak, Julie sets out on an adventure to find their camera but things don't go as planned - at all.

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