I Am Still Here (United States | 2016, 1 hr 35 min )

Directed by: Mischa Marcus

Drawn from interviews with child sex slave survivors, I AM STILL HERE (formerly BLUR) is the fictionalized story of Layla, a ten year old girl kidnapped and forced into the brutal underworld of the American sex slave industry.

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I Love You, Dad (Te quiero, papá) (Spain | 2016, 4 min)

Directed by: Gabriel Lúgigo

A civil servant has some trouble balancing work and family life.

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I Was There (Mexico | 2015, 1 hr 21 min)

Directed by: Jorge Valdés-Iga

Written by: Jorge Valdés-Iga, James A. Lee, Sinead Daly

Cast: James A. Lee, Carl Ford, Sebastian Zurita, CC Loveheart, Katie O' Grady, Ernest Mingione, Aurore Fagnen, Nicole Ansari-Cox, Humberto Zurita, Tom Kermnitz, Jr, Jennifer Bouchard, Martha Iga, Sebastian Galvez, Chris Olsen, Brady Bryson, Benjamin Karp, Lella Satie, Carlos Munoz

A 9/11 hero firefighter struggling with survival guilt is blackmailed into a journey of redemption by a photographer he crossed paths with on that tragic day.

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ID (Poland | 2016, 2 min)

Directed by: Filip Zaluska

V/O is a solo project of Wojtek Urbanski, a music producer and co-founder of project "Rysy." The distinctive style define the rough and strong rhythm combined with strong emotions in a layer of melody.

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illusion (France | 2016, 5 min)

Directed by: Maxime Contour

New York City. A switch noise and day appears instantly. This New York is different: it’s a huge movie set with only facades without depth.

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In Honor of Jack (United States | 2016, 16 min)

Directed by: Jon YonKondy

After leaving the wake of a good friend, two best buddies turn on each other when a quirky owner of a diner enlightens them with some disturbing and outrageous news about their departed friend.

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Incomplete (Incomplets) (France | 2015, 12 min)

Directed by: Mickaël Schapira Villain

Hear, Touch, Smell, Speak, Live: five stories in one film, five characters facing their disabilities.

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Inevitable, Unfavorable (United States | 2016, 15 min)

Directed by: Christopher Huth

This video comes from an original stage piece detailing the sequence of events leading up to a devastating train crash in France, noting the idea of inevitability.

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Instafamous (United States | 2016, 6 min)

Directed by: Yunxin Hu, Dylan Perkinson, Mun Yi Cheng, Feifei Zhang

We construct our personalities with the tropes of social media. An archaeology of platforms like Instagram is an examination of ourselves. The only currency of the social media celebrity is popularity: social media influence is a $200 million industry.

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Into the Sand (United States | 2015, 17 min)

Directed by: Micah Gallagher

A young man’s encounter with a drowning fish sets of a series of bizarre events which force him to contemplate meaning in his life.

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Invisible Man (United Kingdom | 2016, 9 min)

Directed by: Jan Nord

A dark comedy about the eternal question of belonging.

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