I M Possible (U S , 5Minutes)

Directed by: Prasad Narse

A grueling challenge awaits him on the court...

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I'm sorry to tell you (United Kingdom, 7 minutes)

Directed by: Ben Price

Written by: Ben Price

Cast: Ian Puleston-Davies

A doctor practices breaking the news of a terminal diagnosis.

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Il Dilemma (USA, 8:00)

Directed by: Luca Spensieri

Written by: Luca Spensieri

Cast: Giuseppe Schillaci, Sylvia Walker, Caroline Bloom

While his parents are out of town, Alex takes his father's classic Mustang out for a quick ride. Everything changes when his friend Luigi shows up with two Italian girls and a plan to impress them. However, Alex is more concerned with returning the car home in one piece.

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Directed by: Danish Renzu

Written by: Danish Renzu

In the Blind (U S, 0: 17: 00)

Directed by: Davis Hall

Intergalactic Zombie Hunter (U S , 5minute)

Directed by: Jeremiah Kaufman

Is This the Real World (australia, 1hr 30min )

Directed by: Martin Mckenna

Written by: Martin Mckenna

Cast: Sean Keenan, Charlotte Best, Susie Porter, Greg Stone, Julia Blake

A high school kid in an Australian coastal town locks into a relentless battle of wills with a controlling teacher while his family is breaking apart and love is beating at his door.

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It Didn't Take (USA, 14 Minutes)

Directed by: Forest J. Wharton

IT DIDN'T TAKE is an irreverent short film comedy, produced independently by Kevin Lanigan and Forest Wharton.

It picks up in the wake a ritual suicide by a cult known as the Sunshine Togetherhood. Three cult members-- Sarah, Rudy, and Nathaniel-- all awake to discover that they have survived the Kool-Aid, while everyone around them has perished. This leads them on a quest to uncover the mystery of their continued existence. On top of that, they have to hide all of these dead bodies before Mom gets home!!!

Will they unravel the secrets of the Sunshine Togetherhood? Will they get all the dead bodies out before Mom gets back with the groceries? And what role do hand jobs have to play in all of this? Find out Summer 2014.

Will it take? WILL IT?!

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