Directed by: Alexander Gellner

Written by: Alexander Gellner

Cast: Niklas A. Kröger

A six minute murder mystery family drama by Alexander Gellner. Father is not really there. Mother is the guardian. Daughter has her secrets and son has the solution. In this erratic classically animated short film we meet a modern family that is divided and battling demons. Murder Vengeance Lust Truth Loyalty. And Dance. Oh sweet dance!

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I Exist (Egypt, 10)

Directed by: ahmed abdelnaser

Written by: ahmed abdelnaser

The film portrays one of the Scenes of Syrians and their children in displaced camps after their homes and schools have been damaged …. 3 years on the borders.

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I Sell Love (Hong Kong, 104 min)

Directed by: Kevin Chu

Written by: Judy Chu

Cast: Kai Chi Liu, Pakho Chau, Rose Chan

Undergraduate Tiffany (Rose Chan) undertook compensated dating, regarding it as pure personal choice that has nothing to do with ethics. Only when she met long term sponsor, Cheung (Kai Chi Liu) and a young guy of integrity and passion, Rex (Pakho Chau), she finally realized she had to pay for what she had chosen.

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Directed by: J. Hanna

Written by: J. Hanna

Cast: Barrett Mitchell, Emily Sandifer, Milena Mortati, Andre Antwan, Bill Ferris, Eryn Joslyn, Nicol Razon

Kid Dynamic, sidekick to Dynamic Man, quits the whole superhero racket and struggles with the transition...with finding himself. His hippy-dippy headshrinker, who insists on outdoor yoga classes during psychoanalysis, helps him find the courage to go for the simpler life he yearns for. What he comes to understand is that life isn't so simple, with or without the cape.

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Directed by: Ryan Murray

Cast: Mike Stanish, Chris Caldwell, Bob Hartung, Kate Ickes, Ryan Meeker, Ryan Murray, Bryan Tramontina

Indie rock band Tricycle Bicycle Cycle's single-shot long duration take music video for the song "I'm Not Photogenic".

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Directed by: Nicola Prosatore

Written by: Carlo Salsa

Cast: Antonia Truppo, Cesare Bocci, Gianni Ludeno, Francesco Di Leva

Marta is driving home when a tree falls in the middle of the street and it forces her to stop. She gets out of the car and she tries to move the tree. But suddenly, another car appears behind her and it begins to pursue her.
A series of misunderstandings in a stunning story where nothing is as it seems.

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In Plain Sight (USA, 6 Min)

Directed by: Iman Childs

Written by: Iman Childs

A 15-year-old girl heading home from a high school dance is sexually assaulted a few steps from the school. The perspectives of the bystanders, who watch the assault without helping, comment on human relations today.

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In Search of Truth (Brazil, 00:20:00)

Directed by: Lucca Bertollini

Written by: Lucca Bertollini

In late 2010, in São Paulo countryside, the population was faced with a cyber crime involving three young college students. The lack of evidence and caused mass hysteria triggered a turnaround in the lives of the victims.

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In Session (USA, 00:12:55)

Directed by: David E. Munz-Maire

Written by: David E. Munz-Maire

Cast: Alfie Berneti, David Sitler, Lauren Esser, Nathan Esser, Patricia Olvera

'In Session' is about the dynamic struggle between an ex-psychiatrist and one of his former patients.

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Inmentis (Argentina, 13)

Directed by: Francisco De La Fuente

Written by: Francisco De La Fuente

Cast: Javier Drolas, Natalia Senorales

A man trapped in a road trip, over and over again.

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Interference (UK, 86)

Directed by: Nick Pilton

Written by: Nick Pilton

Cast: Ben Gibson, Chris Milton, Claudia Barton, Len Shelley, Liz Finch

After returning home from a Goddess Empowerment Weekend, Pippa invents a new psychotherapy-Fun Therapy much to the surprise of her estranged husband Piers and her recently traumatized daughter, Chloe.

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