Il Neige Sur Acapulco (France, 8min)

Directed by: Aurélien Drach

Written by: Aurélien Drach


Jérémy Banster, Alice Pol, Deborah Grall, Jeanne Bourneaud, Sebastien Lalanne

Last evening in Mexico for a group of friends... before returning to Paris.

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iLove (Argentina, Russian Federation, USA, 13min)

Directed by: Luis Enrique Rivera Cuyar

Written by: Philippos Desyllas


Cathryn Dodge, Coleman Moore, Samantha Sembler, Solomon Chertok

The story tells about two Iphones in love who are separated because their owners broke up, so using different apps gadgets start manipulating ex-couple to make them meet again.

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Indoor (UK, 16 minutes)

Directed by: Adam Townley

Written by: Adam Townley


Alfie Righelato, Charlie Platt, Katie Miller

An eleven year old boy uses the discarded objects he finds around the windswept seaside community he has just arrived at to make a kite.

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Into the Woods (USA, 17min)

Directed by: Samuel Besser

Written by: Samuel Besser


Gianni Marino, Giullian Gioiello, Josh Greenwald, Olivia Ross, Paul Carpinelli


When the loss of the relationship that meant everything to him begins to affect the lives of his friends, Joey is plunged into a journey that carries him through the darkest reaches of his hopes and fears. He must struggle in order to return home with some semblance of closure that will allow him to move forward with his life. And as the saying goes, every journey begins with a single swig of absinthe.

Made in part for the now defunct class 'Sight & Sound: Film' at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, this short is dedicated to all those things in life that we must sometimes, sadly, leave behind.


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