Heads-Up: Will We Stop Making Cents? (United States, 1:07:34)

Directed by: Zach Edick , Jamie Kovach

Cast: Laurie Gallardo

Should the United States eliminate the penny? “Heads-Up: Will We Stop Making Cents?” is a documentary that explores the different sides of the debate, touching on the role of the penny in today’s economy, predictive economic models of a penniless future, and the cultural importance of the coin. Radio DJ and Actor Laurie Gallardo narrates the penny odyssey as we travel from Texas to Canada, stopping to speak with former Mint Directors, lawmakers, economists, and more than a few unique penny characters, including a coin hunter, a former President*, and one very memorable penny prankster. * “Abraham Lincoln” appears in the film

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Headstream (Germany, 13:35)

Directed by: Bia Vilela

Written by: Bia Vilela

Cast: Raquel Villar, Aída Leiner, Dan Timm

A young woman comes to terms with the conventionality of her wish for marriage and finds herself caught between social pressure and her own self-destruction in a surreal process that manifests itself through her body.

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Hearing Shapes (United States, 4:45)

Directed by: Saatch Rajjan

Written by: Fella Cederbaum

Cast: Fella Cederbaum

Creativity: Surrender or personal will?

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Hejleh (United States, 09:40)

Directed by: Lauren Merage

Written by: Lauren Merage

Cast: Maia Nikiphoroff , Tip Scarry , Vida Ghahremani

While trying to enjoy her first night of marriage, Melinda, a first generation American, feels burdened by her Iranian grandmother's impossible request that she prove her virginity.

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Hidden - (United Kingdom, 06:21)

Directed by: Jess O'Brien

Written by: Sophie Black

Cast: Shawn Kumara, Shauna Hyde, Jess O'Brien, Teresa Quigley

Solomon reads aloud a poem with a beauty that surprises his classmates except one, Katie. The poem has a meaning and two secrets only they know about.

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Hobo on a Passenger Train (United States, 4:00)

Directed by: Colleen and Tom McWatters

Written by: Jake La Botz

Cast: Jake La Botz

Stop-motion animated music video for the Jake La Botz song, "Hobo on a Passenger Train"

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How Countries Fight Their Wars (Netherlands, 02:00)

Directed by: Thomas Loopstra, Maurice Baltissen

Written by: Thomas Loopstra, Maurice Baltissen

How Countries Fight Their Wars

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Hunger (India, 08:26)

Directed by: Katyayan Shivpuri

Written by: Katyayan Shivpuri

Cast: Uday chandra, Prince

Inspired by true events, Hunger is about a homeless man and his love for food. He is a pauper in life but at heart, he is connoisseur of "gourmet" food. He does not eat to live. He lives to eat...and eat well! Living by the railway tracks, the homeless man makes his meagre living by selling novelty items at the busy traffic signals on the streets of Mumbai. The high point of his colourless existence is passing this busy restaurant that serves the food that he dreams of.

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HUNGRY TO LEARN (United States, 1:25:22)

Directed by: Geeta Gandbhir

Cast: Shaquara Peters- Lehman College Student, Sara Goldrick-Rab- Professor Temple University, Isabella Moles- Susquehanna University

This documentary film by Soledad O’Brien and Geeta Gandbhir, introduces the faces behind an American crisis -- college students so strapped to pay tuition that they don’t have enough money to eat or a place to live. It is not a life of Ramen Noodles and care packages from home; it is a life of suffering from having no food at all, eating at food pantries, or feeding off the trays of fellow students.

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