Have No Fear (USA, Poland | 2017, 18 min)

Directed by: Beata Calinska & Sarah Jacobson in collaboration with Adia Tamar Whitaker

To teach her children how to avoid becoming another police brutality victim, activist and choreographer Adia Whitaker leads her ensemble in the creation of a new stirring performance.

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Headbutt (Kopstoot) (Netherlands | 2017, 9 min)

Directed by: Daan Bunnik

Cast: Nils Verkooijen, Felix Osinga

Tobias (15) wants to restore the old relationship he had with his brother Lucas (18). While they used to do everything together, Lucas is depressed and has no interest in him anymore. When Tobias fantasizes that Lucas will commit suicide, Tobias has no other option than reach his isolated brother.

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Heads or Tails (USA | 2016, 9 min)

Directed by: Eva von Schweinitz

Cast: Nikki Calonge, Lucy Kaminsky

Lilly convinces her best friend René to join her on a nocturnal trespassing adventure.

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Hearts that Cross Borders (USA | 2017, 19 min)

Directed by: Renee Stork

Written by: Michael Ricotta

Hidden Colors (Kolore Ezkutuak) (Spain | 2017, 19 min)

Directed by: Karlos Alastruey

A group of girls interact among them. In the meantime, Elur awaits in a dark room, Sua recites Baha'i holy texts and Haizea and Ura play music. All these elements invite the viewer to reflect on the female condition and identity.

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Home in Between (Netherland, 19 min)

Directed by: Maren Gedenk

‘Home in Between’ is a 360-degree documentary about the people of Kara Tepe, a refugee-camp on the Greek island of Lesvos. Since the beginning of the 2015 refugee crisis, hundreds of thousands of people fled across the Mediterranean Sea to escape war and persecution. Some of them would choose to make the crossing from Turkey to one of the Greek islands like Lesvos, a crossing that would prove to be an even deadlier one than many other routes. Thousands of lives were lost. After arriving on the European shores life would turn for the better, or would it? In March 2016 Europe made a deal with Turkey and borders were closed. The result was that thousands of people got stuck in Greece. With nowhere to go, they would have to wait for over a year before European authorities would decide their future. Will they eventually be allowed to travel further into Europe and get asylum, or will they be sent back? 'Home in Between’ provides an insight into the daily life in Kara Tepe, a camp that was set up by the municipality of Lesvos. Organizations like Movement On the Ground do their best to make the camp an inspiring, sustainable and worthy place to live in. They realize this in many ways, for example by bringing light into the camp by installing solar stations, and setting up a football-program for the children. They believe in the knowledge and power of the residents and involve them in everything they do. Refugees and volunteers working side-by-side, and thereby creating a close community. But how do people really feel when their lives are turned upside down and put on hold? And how long can they keep hope alive?

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Hope (USA | 2017, 1 min)

Directed by: Alireza Bidar

Light and dark, beauty and beast, brutality and spirituality, are all opposite yet intertwined. In a dark ugly world, a seed strives to grow, becoming a flower, bearing a baby. Our infant, symbol of rebirth and spirituality, sows seeds of beauty, spreading more beauty, giving more hope. Our short film 'Hope', explores opposite concepts and how one leads to another.

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How You Are to Me (USA | 2017, 22 min)

Directed by: Aemilia Scott

Written by: Evan Bass Zeisel

Cast: Miranda Noelle Wilson, Evan Bass, Dan Berkey, Melinda Tanner, Christopher R. Grant, Thomas Grube

To love someone is to say, "I don't see you how a stranger sees you; I see you how you always were; I see you how you are to me." A story about how love and caregiving survives, even when memory begins to fade.

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