Habs: Imprisoned (Iran, 7 minutes )

Directed by: Navid Navid

Cast: Ebi

The singer, Ebi is one of the most famous Iranian singers, who is beloved by three generations. With his voice and this video we throw light on the emotional distress political prisoners in dictatorial regimes go through, when they are apart from their beloved spouses. Love speaks all languages and therefore this song and video go beyond the politic side of these human right violations that take place not only in Iran but also in other dictatorial regimes all over the world.

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Hagereseb (US, 0:38:00)

Directed by: Zia Mohajerjasbi

Written by: Zia Mohajerjasbi

Cast: Joseph Smith, Natnael Moges, Eyobe Alemu, Rahwa Habte

It's 1997 in Seattle's Yesler Terrace, and 10-year-old Abai is on a quest to find fresh batteries for his Casio keyboard for one last music lesson with his older brother Sam before seeing him sent back to their native Eritrea, indefinitely.

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Heart of Glass (France, 1 hour 14 minutes)

Directed by: Jerome De Gerlache

Heart of Glass is a journey through several countries in pursuit of the story of a young glassblower of singular talent: Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert.

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Heaven - Rue Snider (, 4minute)

Directed by: Daniel Feighery

Cast: Natalia Osikova, Rue Snider, James Margolis, Robin Irene Moss

Helio (US, 0:21:00)

Directed by: Teddy Cecil

Written by: Teddy Cecil

Cast: Barrett James, Dennis Keiffer, Dio Johnson, Derek Chariton, Chuck Wigginton, Erik Denton

On the eve of a rebel uprising in a dystopian underground society, one miner finds the key to freedom and attempts to escape before the hostile government kills him first.

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Hijos de un Mismo Dios (Spain , 5minute)

Directed by: Gustavo Carballo

Hinter der Tur (Austria, 0:15:00)

Directed by: Patrick Vollrath & Catalina Molina

Written by: Patrick Vollrath & Catalina Molina

Cast: Patrick Vollrath & Catalina Molina

When Janis breaks open a locked closet, he finds unveils a dark secret that will change his life forever.

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Home Grown (United States, 3 minutes)

Directed by: Nick Sears

Cast: Nick Sears

Our senses hold the strongest link to our past. Reliving not so much the grand occasions, but yet reminds us of the tiny, granular moments that identifies where we were and who we are now.

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Homo Politicus (Turkey , 0:21:00)

Directed by: Haci Orman

Written by: Haci Orman

Johannes Lepsius is an influential theologian, who acts on behalf of German missionaries. In order to stop the Ottoman “deportation” policy regarding Armenians; he visits Enver Pasha, the most powerful general of Turkey. Halfway through their meeting, the atmosphere changes and a philosophical, intellectual wordy warfare, which sometimes feels like chess and sometimes a boxing match, ensues.

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How To Be A Human (United States, 4 minutes)

Directed by: Matthew Lumas

By way of magic, a set of ceramic eyes is brought to life and proceeds to orchestrate the construction of a humanoid creature out of inanimate objects. In an attempt to recreate life, the creature searches the Internet for the meaning of humanity. As the creature enacts his findings, he is exposed to emotions of love, hate, and sorrow, which illuminate the basic nature of humankind, leading to a transformation of epic proportions.

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