Hallucination Generation (USA, 00:07:08)

Directed by: Video Rahim

Written by: Ashley Simpson, Video Rahim, Tuk Smith

Cast: Tuk Smith, Cousin Dan, Gavin Bakos, GG King, Hunter Pietrobon, Brian Hunter

'Halluciantion Generation' puts the rock 'n roll band, Biters, in the Sci-fi cult world of John Carpenter's, 'They Live.'

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Directed by: Alex Amoling

Written by: Alex Amoling

Cast: Nick Purpura

A dark tale about a blue collar family's struggle and a son who witnesses his father's journey down the road to oblivion. With music from Hammock's album 'Oblivion Hymns.'

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Handuken (UK, 4)

Directed by: Chris Chung

Written by: Chris Chung

Cast: Aaron Ly, Alan Low, Bruce Chong, Jing Lang, Ling Whye Hang, Wai Wong

A tribute to Hong Kong cinema with a comedic knock out punch, Handuken follows a detective in hostile territory in a solitary attempt to retrieve a fugitive in London's criminal underbelly.

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Directed by: Jim Meegan

Written by: Angelo Paleologos

Cast: Angelo Paleologos

Singer/songwriter Angy began writing the song, 'Heard it at Sunset,' after he heard the news of the Boston Marathon bombing, around dinnertime, or 'sunset' on the day it happened. He was trying to deal with the pain, confusion, and heartache he felt that day. The song closes with hope, pride, and optimism about moving on. With this song, Angy hopes to not only bring people comfort and highlight the positive aspects of this classic marathon, but also to help the victims of this tragedy in a tangible way by donating the proceeds of his downloads to the One Fund.

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Directed by: William D. Caballero

Written by: William D. Caballero

A character-driven hybrid short film about pint-sized elderly Latino Gran'pa leaving a series of humorous unanswered voice-mails for his grandson Davy. The project combines 3D printed, hand painted miniatures of Gran'pa with actual messages left on the directors phone by his real life Grandfather.

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