Handyman- Music Video (Australia, 4 mins.)

Directed by: Romney Jones

Written by: Romney Jones


Romney Jones

The film clip depicts the double-life of a poly-amorous housewife who is holding a secret from her husband; the fact that she is a man. Despite the initial shock of discovering this, the husband extends his unconditional love, and all parties romp together in the final scene in a Rocky Horror-esque celebration of sexuality and fabulosity.

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Heads Up (USA, 13 mins.)

Directed by: Alex Merkin

Written by: Ben Carlin


Adam Lustick, Craig 'muMs' Grant,

'HEADS UP' is an edgy, comedic story of two long time friends, partners in crime, and somewhat surrogate siblings who love each other to death. When suspicions of trust and loyalty arise at the weekly poker game the situation erupts in an extreme way - because nobody fights like siblings do!

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Hidden (USA, 7min)

Directed by: Imran Yusufzai

Written by: Imran Yusufzai, May-Mei Lee


Melanie Jess, Miguel Lopez


A lonesome man finds the woman of his dreams, but he may have to reveal more than he thought he would to discover true love.

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Hold Me Closer (USA, 26 mins.)

Directed by: Marissa Lugo, Taylor Luce, and Thomas Fisher

Hold Me Closer documents the events of a Cuddle Party held in a Los Angeles motel in late March 2011. Seven strangers gather under the supervision of a certified Cuddle Party Facilitator for three hours of 'freestyle cuddling' meant to bring people together through the use of healthy, nonsexual touch. However, good intentions quickly fade as conflicting personalities and a cuddler trying to subvert the rules threaten to derail the proceedings.

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Hourglass (Norway, 16min)

Directed by: Pedro Collantes

Written by: Pedro Collantes



Hakon Ovesen Waaden, Henriette Hellandsjo


As we grow up, friendships often fade away. Or do they?

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