GARBAGE (United States, 18:00)

Directed by: Jose Muniain

Written by: Brian Broome

Cast: Tami Dixon, Antonio Jeffries, Tracey Turner

Black people have to engage White America daily to maintain some sort of life. GARBAGE turns that entire scenario on its head exploring what would happen when a White person assumes that she can come to a Black person in search of death. This film will question the stereotype of the Black male as an instrument of death and the White woman as a symbol of purity and innocence. GARBAGE is about the misconceptions our society perpetrates about race.

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Generation Lockdown (United States, 16:00)

Directed by: Sirad Balducci

Written by: Sirad Balducci

Cast: Samantha Soule, Caleb Brown, Joshua Windley

GENERATION LOCKDOWN is a narrative short film, seen through the eyes of an eleven year old boy as he tries to save his friend’s life during an active shooter attack in his school. This film is based on a short story by Caleb, a 6th grader from a middle school in Teaneck, NJ. This film examines the PTSD of repeated lockdown drills and the fallout from our country's gun epidemic.

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Glitches (Tiawan, 21:00)

Directed by: Annie Chen

Written by: Annie Chen


A down-on-his-luck lawyer meets a mysterious woman while waiting for his delayed flight. After she admits to causing a fatal house fire, the young lawyer becomes torn in doing the right thing while learning the reasons behind her heinous crime, and becoming sympathetic to her.

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Glitter (Norway, 04:01)

Directed by: Mone Frogg Christiansen

Written by: Mone Frogg Christiansen

Cast: Nokokure Celine Dahl

The music video for the song «Glitter» tells the story of impossible love in a pet shop. When a small fish falls in love with the girl working in the shop, there is not much else he can do than to dream about a world where she is in his element - water.

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Directed by: Douro Moura

Written by: David Ehrlich

Cast: Paulo Ribeiro, Joelma Pereira

Couple of secret agents, after breaking into a base in the jungle, are forced into an unusual situation.

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Goodbye Friendly Buddy (United States, 18:04)

Directed by: Morgan Wright

Written by: Morgan Wright

Cast: Enne Goldstein, Claire Foley

Two imaginary friends have the worst day of their lives

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Guns (Spain, 08:00)

Directed by: Diego Silva Acevedo

Written by: Diego Silva Acevedo

Cast: Lorenzo Yearby, Jeremiah Jenkins

John comes home from a long day at work not wanting to battles his son's game addiction. While decomposing on the phone with his wife, his son discovers the father's hidden gun. In a matter of seconds their life will change

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