Game Changer (United States, 2 min 40 sec)

Directed by: Aviv Mano

Written by: Aviv Mano

Georgica (United States, 17 min 15 sec)

Directed by: Kim DeLise

Written by: Adapted from the short story, Georgica written by A.M. Homes

Sophie spends the summer stealing the sperm of young, attractive male life guards to try and get pregnant. It is only after we expose Sophie’s past that we start to think, maybe she’s not so crazy after all.

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Getting Lucky (United States, 20 min 56 sec)

Directed by: Oscar Bucher

Getting To Carnegie (United States, 17 min 45 sec)

Directed by: Julian Gargiulo

Girl Talk (United States, 17 min 11 sec)

Directed by: Erica Rose

Written by: Erica Rose

Godina na Majmunot (Year of the Monkey) (Macedonia, 1 hr 52 min)

Directed by: Vladimir Blaževski

Good Cop, Bad Cop (United States, 3 min 44 sec)

Directed by: Mark Kiefer

Directed by: Peter Böving

Guest Artist (United States, 1 hr 14 min)

Directed by: Timothy Busfield

Written by: Jeff Daniels