Getting There (Ireland | 2015, 15 min)

Directed by: Tim Hanan

Written by: Tim Hanan, Shane Larkin

Cast: Cal Kenealy, Carla McGlynn, Mark Schrier, Charleigh Bailey

Harry is a young man who has developed an obsession with a girl he has seen in college. Originally planning to strike up a conversation with her, he now simply shows up in the places he knows she will be. With the help of his psychiatrist, Dr Marlowe, he is trying to get over this infatuation, while at the same time, keeping it, and much of his life, a secret from his sister Alice, who is trying to help him open up while coping with problems of her own.

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Girl in the Chair (United States | 2015, 19 min)

Directed by: M. Louis Gordon

After years of confinement, a teenaged girl escapes her kidnapper and returns to the house of her long-lost family, but her homecoming is far from welcome.

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 (Dominican Republic | 2015, 34 min)

Directed by: Eduardo Velázquez

Written by: Eduardo Velázquez

Cast: Lia Briones, Matias Pellegrini, Eduardo Velázquez

Set in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Guao tells the story of Luperon, a Caribbean immigrant, a naive and shy boy and his profound love for Catherine Deneuve. Luperon, who has lived protected by his sister Ana, an aspiring actress and waitress is a caregiver to Luperon due to a mysterious brain degenerative disease. Luperon decides to transition and become Catherine Deneuve and falls in love with Federico, a religious fanatic.

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Guns to Mics (Canada/Sierra Leone | 2015, 1 hour 11min)

Directed by: Jem Garrard, Greg Crompton

Sierra Leone is recovering from a decade-long civil war. A burgeoning music scene has allowed the youth, who once used guns to vent their frustration, to pick up microphones and make change in their country.

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