Geloto (usa, 4 minutes)

Directed by: Ethan Federico and Robyn Badura

A high school senior with an unusual phobia hits a crossroads when his alter ego challenges him to confront the student body and show them what he’s truly made of. This movie is the 2015 National 3rd Place Film in the USA’s leading high school film competition The 10 Day Film Challenge. Awards for the film include being named NY State’s Best Film, National Winner for Best Cinematography.

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German Shepherd (Sweden, 10 minutes)

Directed by: Nils Bergendal

Written by: Nils Bergendal

Cast: David Paul

Are we born to do good or are we here just to save ourselves? This animated film provides disconcerting answers.

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Geronimo (United States, 10 minutes)

Directed by: Sean O'Loughlin

Written by: Sean O'Loughlin

Cast: Ava Jolie Savino, Tyler Garamella

Geronimo Jack is the hero of a children's adventure book series and long time imaginary best friend of Gabby, an 8 year old girl. In fact, Jack is Gabby's only friend, imaginary or otherwise. When Gabby dreads the return of school, it is up to Geronimo Jack to make Gabby smile once again.

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Get Happy - The Film (USA, 1 hour 40 minutes)

Directed by: Manoj Annadurai

Written by: Tom Shipley

Cast: Chris Riggi, Adam LaVorgna, Rebecca Blumhagen, Jordan Lane Price, Lauren Sweetser, Robert Sean Miller, Samantha Eggers, Moore Theobald, Peter O'Leary, Colin Branca, Laine Rettner, Ruth Barrie, Rebecca Kush, Robert Sciglimpaglia, Charlie Le Grice, James Koroni, J. Dixon Byrne and Breanna Lakatos

Get Happy tells the story of Charlie Kane, a perpetually miserable man who finally finds happiness when he starts dating Holly, an incessantly optimistic girl who teaches him to look on the bright side of life. When their relationship ends, Charlie falls into an even deeper despair. Fed up with his wretched existence, he decides to just get happy, as Holly taught him. His new positivity brings success and fulfillment, much to the dismay of Bobby, his cynical best friend who doesn’t buy into this new found happiness. With the help of a dour barista, Bobby embarks on a mission to wipe the smile off Charlie’s face and bring him back to reality.

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Girl on the Edge (US, 1:45:00)

Directed by: Jay Silverman

Written by: Joey Curtis, Joseph Gamache & Jay Silverman

Cast: Taylor Spreitler, Peter Coyote & Gil Bellows.

GIRL ON THE EDGE is the powerful true story of HANNAH GREEN, a teenager struggling with the aftermath of a horrific trauma caused in part by social media and the old wounds from her childhood that it reopens. Despite her resistance, she is sent away to an oasis of healing called 'Maheo' that uses innovative techniques like equine therapy to empower its troubled girls. With the help of an eclectic group of mentors, peers, and a bond with her horse Betsy, she starts to invest in her own recovery and overcome this powerful rite of passage.

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Girls Club (USA , 3 minutes )

Directed by: Chantal Massuh-Fox

An independent music video for singer/songwriter Julianna Salguero. The music video explores the double standards society puts on women.

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Go Fish! (Poland , 0: 34: 00)

Directed by: Patrycjusz Kostyszyn

Cast: Alicja Boratyn, Julita Olszewska, Marek Serafin, Borys Jaznicki, Bruno Krzosek, Danuta Jaworek, Hanna Samson, Jozef Kopec, Justyna Sieniawska, Kamil Kulda, Klementyna Krzosek, Konrad Aksiniwicz

Alicja is a talented young journalist and her best friend Zosia is about to graduate in architecture. When both girls’ life plans suddenly collapse, they decide to bring the responsible to justice. However playing revenge goes out of their hands and takes them places that they never wanted to be. The film tells about powerlessness, mechanisms of power and the value of true friendship.

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Written by: Phil Yuhas

A couple's anniversary celebration is spoiled by the antics of a pretentious young blonde and her very elderly date.

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Gorilla-Madchen (U S , 7:00)

Directed by: Clinton Bragger

Written by: Taylor Currie and Travis Rush

Gorilla-Madchen is a short, quirky comedy about a foreign exchange student, who attempts to woo his host's daughter while simultaneously dissecting and navigating American culture. This film is a testament to the fact that America's weird, but love weirder.

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Granny Smith (Australia, 0:07:00)

Directed by: Julian Lucas

Written by: Julian Lucas

Cast: Jack White, Sam Watkins, Steve Vizard, Don Bridges, Ryan Chiang, Mad Vizard, Nikki Osborne, Ray Tiernan.

The Grandmother Of All Excuses

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Directed by: Andrei Severny

Written by: Rem Khass and Andrei Severny

Cast: Diana Vishneva

Gravitation is a synergy of dance and cinema. It is shot entirely in slow motion and features Diana Vishneva, principal dancer of the Mariinsky Ballet and the American Ballet Theater. The film is the story of creation, inner struggle and transformation. Calligraphic black and white images are rich in metaphors exploring the notions of time and space, movement and light.

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Directed by: Jordan St Martin-Reyes, Benjamin Roberds

The music video for Los Angeles based artist Green Gerry is satisfyingly surreal, reaching a strange climax as the song descends into dissonance before returning for one more catchy hook.

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