Gayak (Phillippines, 00:75:30)




A man who wants to be the best father. A son who hopes to be the best he can be. A devotion that raises these hopes to the level of prayer. A journey. 'GAYAK' is a movie about a father's unconditional love for his son and the son's journey towards self-discovery set in the backdrop of one of the most unique practices of Catholic devotion, the 'Pagsa-San Juan.' The movie explores intimate relationships-- father to son, son to father, brother to sister, between cousins, and among members of a rural community within the context of faith, love and hope.

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Directed by: Mike Kravinsky

Written by: Mike Kravinsky

Cast: Blair Bowers, Andrew Nichols, Bob Hurley, Connie Bowman, Emily Morrison, Felicia Gonzalez Brown, Josh Adams, Molly Boyle, Nic Detorie, Paul Fahrenkopf, Rick Kain, Sarah Allyn Collier, Vick Krishna

Nicole knows what she wants, she just has to wake up. Geographically Desirable is a story of Love, TV News and Sleep.

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Geschmack von Eisen (Germany, 30)

Directed by: Jonathan Berkau

Written by: Jonathan Berkau

Cast: Alexander F. Wuest, Can Ayla, Mersiha Husagic, Nika Kushnir

A cold Surrounding. You're on your own. Out of breath. Don't let it get you. Something inside of you. A new life. A familiar taste.

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Ghost of a smile (Denmark, 5)

Directed by: Peder Thomas Pedersen

Written by: Peder Thomas Pedersen

Cast: Peder Thomas Pedersen

In a dreamlike setting a boy looses his innocence, when he witnesses his fathers brutal defeat in a deadly fight. As a stark contrast to the dreamy, cinematic song the video is nightmarish and delves deep into the darker themes of the album in this raw and violent story.

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Goatherder (USA, 23:30)

Directed by: Joel Pincosy

Written by: Scott McCabe

Cast: Scott McCabe, Chris Ayles, David Usner, Lidiya Korotko, Tory Stanton,

On the hills of Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco and other parts of the Bay goats roam overlooked by their protectors. Goatherder follows one such fellow, Henderson as he attempts to navigate into the midst of city dwellers on a search for connection to the world outside of goats. Henderson's city dwelling doppelganger, Hazel has and oddly compelling possibly life changing interaction with Henderson that provokes the question of where her food comes from, and what it means to the way she interacts with other in her day to day life.

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Grapple (USA, 6mins)

Directed by: Durwin Joseph

Written by: Durwin Joseph

Cast: J paul nicholas and James E Bailey

A high school wrestler is pushed to the limit on the mat by his competition and off the mat by his father.

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Guns of Icarus (USA, 2 Min)

Directed by: Timothy Doolen

Written by: Timothy Doolen

From the twilight of extinction humanity rises to regain its former glory.

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