Directed by: Jeremie Seguin

Written by: Jeremie Seguin


Hakim Bouaich, Florie Vialens

A young man died and find himself in a strange and dark place with a worrying creature opposite him. But a girl, his girlfriend seen in his last remembers before he died, come to deliver him.

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Gold (France, Isreal, 4 min)

Directed by: Uzi Amir

Written by: Sharon Holzman


Sharon Holzman

The clip is a satire on Israel and Israeli culture. singer\ Songwriter Sharon holzman embodies some of the news tv personas - main anchor, field reporter, Israeli army officer and the weather forecaster. Everything takes place in an atmosphere of nonsense but obvious social criticism.

The Playwright Celtic Pub

732 8th Ave  New York, NY 10036

8 th Ave. between 45 and 46 streets.

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Gota de Sangue (USA, 11 minutes)

Directed by: Joao Pacca

Written by: Andre Mello


Andre Mello, Isabela Arede

A heartbroken man revisits his failed relationship as he tries to find a way out of his pain.

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