Googleable (Canada, 3min)

Directed by: Luisa Valencia

Toronto based jazz singer Ori Dagan is the winner of the 2010 Canada's Next Top Crooner CBC radio competition. Taken from his upcoming sophomore release Less Than Three, his new music video for an original song, Googleable, is a humorous stop motion video directed and animated by the Columbian creative team of Luisa Valencia and Juan Palacio.

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Goose Family (USA, 30 mins.)

Directed by: Seung Yeob Lee

Written by: Seung Yeob Lee


Heeson Kim, Maru Lim, Yonghwa Shin, Yongwoo Shin

The film 'Goose Family' is a blend of fake-documentary and drama. It's about a Korean family who live separately in Seoul, Korea and New York, U.S.A just for the sake of the children's education. The father, JINSOO, works in Korea to support the family while the mother, SHINAE, takes care of two sons living in the States. They both struggle for financial, emotional and cultural reasons and they gradually fall apart.

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Directed by: Bradonio


Henry William Oelkers

A music video driven by the use of bokeh silhouettes (an in-camera technique using basic paper cutouts placed in front of the camera lens).

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Gros (USA, 10 mins.)

Directed by: Adam Taylor

Written by: Adam Taylor


Bill Moore,

The autobiographical story of circus performer 'Sladu Le Gros,' the fattest man in Eastern Europe, who travels to America to become the fattest man in the world only to depressingly find that in this country he is merely considered to be of average size.

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