Fade (Spain | 2016, 6 min)


Conchita, a conservative and septuagenarian woman, returns home after cremating her husband.

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Family crockery (whiteness) (Australia | 2016, 2 min)

Directed by: Amelia Johannes

Visual repetitions of white objects are collated together in 'Family Crockery (Whiteness)'; found videos of my extended family have been edited to create a pattern concentrating on the presence of white crockery, the occurrence of food and the influence of Colonial tradition within the South African family environment.

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Final Draft (United States | 2013, )

Written by: Keion Jackson

A down on his luck writer decides to commit suicide, but seeks help writing the perfect suicide note first.

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Flames & Figures (United States | 2016, 3 min)

Directed by: Dominic Mercurio

A minimalistic and intimate abstract-narrative music video for the Oakland-based neo-soul act The Seshen.

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Four Journeys (United States | 2016, 55 min)

Directed by: Dr Teresa Mular

A documentary about four Latin American women who immigrated to New York. These are four stories of courage, stamina, strength and success.

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Four Minutes (United States | 2016, 6 min)

Directed by: Ipek Kahraman

Four Walls (USA | 2016, 8 min)

Directed by: Alice Shindelar

Travel with Rashida Jones and the International Rescue Committee to Lebanon to stand inside the abandoned buildings and dilapidated tents where Syrians refugees live. Listen as they share their stories of struggle and survival in a country where the only guarantee is the uncertain future.

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Fragments (France | 2016, 6 min)

Directed by: Alizée Lafon

The timeless fall of a man, trying to escape from his own destiny through eternal scenes. Here, a hundred of classics from the Seventh Art are composing the unique substance of this short-film, and, are beating in unison to the rhythm of Franz Schubert's "Trio No. 2 for piano".

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