Falling Apples (US , 0: 14: 00)

Directed by: Tyler Doehring

Written by: Tyler Doehring

Beau is a young man from the wrong side of the tracks and he has two bullets in his chest. Now he is making what may be his last phone call to explain how he got here.

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Fight or Flight (Denmark, 5minute)

Directed by: Kenneth Skouboelling

First Base (United States, 7 minutes)

Directed by: Linda Mason

Written by: Linda Mason

Cast: Dmitry Korikov, Jenna Earle.

Kissing is the key to the awakening of the Senses. There is an Art to 'FIRST BASE'. One can spend hours, days, months and even years at 'FIRST BASE' not consummating the act of making love. A flirtatious and colorful sensual first encounter.

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FIRST DEGREE (USA, 24 min 38 seg )

Directed by: Roger Weisberg

Written by: Roger Weisberg & John Fugelsang

The expression, 'sent up the river,' was coined by convicts who were sent up the Hudson River to do their time at the infamous Sing Sing Prison in Ossining, NY. FIRST DEGREE finds hope in this seemingly hopeless place by investigating an unusual college behind bars that is preventing Sing Sing inmates from being sent back up the river after their release.

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Flawless (UK, 6minutes)

Directed by: Keith Allott

Written by: James Worrad, Lucy Wade.

Cast: Jess O'Brien, Fergus Caird, Carol Cummings, Karen House.

Flawless is a film looking at the relationship between a father, Ansel and his genius daughter, Iniko. A major incident, one grey day, causes a deep fracture that changes their lives. Iniko faces the cruelty of mortality and the longing to go back to a time when things were perfect.

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FLIM: The Movie (UK, USA, 1 hour 55 minutes)

Directed by: Raffaello Degruttola

Written by: Raffaello Degruttola

Cast: Raffaello Degruttola, Sadie Frost, Christopher Fulford, Steven Waddington, Skye Lucia Degruttola.

Ravi, a simple man who spent his youth lurking on the outer fringes of the Bollywood movie scene, has big dreams of becoming an A­‐List Hollywood film director. 
Ravi possesses enough bombastic front and distilled charisma to pursued a accountant of dubious moral standing to finance his assault on Hollywood and his first feature film, that has yet to be written. 
Maybe, just maybe, with the assistance of his rapidly expanding entourage, cast and crew keen for employment, Ravi stands as much chance of achieving his wild dream of Oscar glory as anyone. Movie audiences view Ravi’s surreal and inglorious journey to the stuff of movie legend through the hand­‐held lens of the amateur documentary film maker Scot Landers and his crew.

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Flux (United Kingdom, 3 minutes)

Directed by: Alex Brock, Patrick Ryder

Written by: Patrick Ryder

Cast: Xue Zhang, Hannah Barron, Ellena Austin

Movement Is Life

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Fodder (United States, 6 minutes)

Directed by: Jack Ofield

Written by: Jack Ofield

A prime cause of war is food, but we must eat to live--bon appetit!

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For Love and Broken Bones (South Africa, 1:28:00)

Directed by: Tebogo Malope

Written by: Tebogo Malope

Cast: Mduduzi Mabaso, Lerato Mvelase, Mashala Letsoalo

A lonely and ruthless debt collector falls in love with a feisty and passionate wedding planner, who also happens to be his latest assignment. Can they both overcome their old fears and let love into their lives? And can he save her and her son in time, before his powerful and dangerous boss comes to get his money back?

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Forêt (Belgium / France, 0:18:00)

Directed by: Samuel Feller

Written by: Samuel Feller

Cast: Steve Driesen, Simon André, Alexia Depicker

Julien decides to go hiking with his father despite his fragility. In a deep forest, they walk together for the first time. The journey toward his father begins...

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Francesca (, 4minutes)

Directed by: Gaena da Sylva

Francesca Belmonte: Are You (Switzerland, 3minute)

Directed by: Maxime Durand

Frog's Legs (United States, 3 )

Directed by: Katie Tamboer

A dopey eyed frog must escape from a crazy one-eyed witch who want to cut off his legs for a beauty potion.

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Fun City (Australia , 0:12:00:0)

Directed by: Justin Olstein

Written by: Andrew Kavanagh

All Alvy wants is to wish his son a happy birthday. But every time he calls his ex wife’s house, his son is strangely occupied. So Alvy tends to the rides and patrons at the Fun City amusement park, adrift in a sea of wonder and joy that he can’t relate to. When a little boy is found unconscious, Alvy seizes the chance to exercise his fatherly duty. But the experience forces him to take stock of his hollow situation. And, after an unexpected altercation with a young co-worker, Alvy’s realises that his bare anger cannot bring about a better parenting scenario. But a changed perspective can.

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