Fade Away (2014) (USA, 5)

Directed by: Jethro Rothe-Kushel

Written by: Nikhil Korula

Combining forces with Flash Mob America, Nikhil Korula takes us on a journey of splendor and color on the Santa Monica Pier with a music video for the song, "Fade Away," directed by Jethro Rothe-Kushel.

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Directed by: Dominik Pagacz

Written by: Dominik Pagacz

Cast: Georges Molnar, Dominik Pagacz

Mephistopheles enlightens Faustus.

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Fighting Paisanos (Italy, 52mins)

Directed by: Marco Curti

Written by: Marco Curti, Annalisa Reggi

Nearly one million and a half italian immigrants' sons were employed in hard and humble jobs and, with their unmistakable Italian surnames, fought in WWII. Many of them landed in Sicily and contributed to the liberation of the Italian peninsula from south to north. After seventy years some of them are still alive.

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For Family's Sake (USA, 20 Min)

Directed by: Sam Shaib

Written by: Sam Shaib

Cast: A.J. Ryder, Bergman Arguello, Diana Garle, Isaac Reyes, Katherine Kanitsch, Maria Quezada, Samira Mesbahi

Sama is in love with Patrick, an all-American boy. But, Sama is not your typical teenager. Born to a traditional Muslim family, she discovers that is she to be betrothed to a 32-year-old Muslim man. Sama does not want to get married. She and Patrick runaway, but her mother and her ultra-conservative brother, Rami find out and now, not only is her forbidden love at risk but also her life.

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Forgetting (USA, 9)

Directed by: Kevin Wong

Written by: Kevin Wong

Cast: Howland Wilson, Topher Smith

The story of a relationship between a boy with a peculiar brain condition and the girl who loves him.

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Formen Fila (Spain, 10)

Directed by: Raúl Mancilla

Written by: Raúl Mancilla

A soldier walks through the countryside. Get to a place where another group of soldiers form a line.

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Franky and The Ant (USA, 10)

Directed by: Billy Hayes

Written by: Billy Hayes

Cast: Emmanuel Todorov, Anthony Pavelich, Christine Woods

Franky is a methodical, professional killer who believes that loyalty trumps all in this crime thriller ignited by betrayal and driven by vengeance.

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Directed by: Larry Tung

Written by: Larry Tung

This documentary is about the life and work of Leona Lo. Born and raised in Singapore, Lo realized that she is a transgendered woman at the age of 12. The film takes a close look at Lo’s life and work in a society that is still coming to terms with its transgedered people and other sexual minorities.

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