Fate! It is what it is. (Australia, 24 minutes)

Directed by: Rob LoBosco

Written by: Rob LoBosco


Carla Bonner, Rob LoBosco, Thomas Kay

We come together for a reason, to learn a vital life lesson - whatever journey fate takes you on, it is what it is!

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Flashback (USA, 7min)

Directed by: Steve Petersen

Written by: Steve Petersen


Judy Levitt, Karla Osella, Shannon Murray, Tom Biagini, Walter Koenig

Star Trek original cast member Walter Koenig (Chekov) stars in this science fiction short as Dr. Joseph Griffin. An inventor who has created a device that allows people to relive their fondest memories. However, he uses it to relive his greatest regret.

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Foreign Eye in the Storm (USA, 1hr 8min)

Directed by: Angelique Papadelias


Angelique Papadelias, Lisa Perez

As Hurricane Sandy approached New York and New Jersey, communities braced themselves for the unknown as the fierce storm surge mounted into a trail of destruction, causing loss of life and tragic memories for all the people who remain to tell their story. 
A feature documentary, captured through the eyes of a foreigner, and dedicated to all the victims of the storm.

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