Directed by: Sabrina Digregorio

It is the story of a journey, discovering both poetry and life of a man through the meeting of two generations: the poet and writer Joseph Tusiani and the biographer Daiana Giorgi. Tusiani, born in Italy and emigrated to the USA in 1947, is a recognized exceptional and international classicist and contemporary poet that lives in NY. He has been the first American to win the prestigious Greenwood Prize (London), on top of many other awards.

During this journey fragments of the war, of migration and uprooting come to memory. These tiles compose the patchwork of the life of a man and the arts of an author that blend together and narrate the words, the poetry and the mystery of human life.

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Food of Love (USA, 18min)

Directed by: Sarah Rosen

Written by: Sarah Rosen



Chandler Rosenthal, Michael Rosen, Sarah Rosen


Food of Love is about fantasy, poetry, and growing up. Iris is a shy baker who lives an exciting, dramatic life in her own Shakespearean fantasy world, but struggles to live as fully in her real life. When she develops a crush on a regular customer, she is forced to take a stab at reality

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Forgiveness (USA-Ireland, 8 mins.)

Directed by: David Curran and Padraic Seery

Written by: David Curran


Ann Peacock, David Curran,

Shawna O'Hearn is fifty something, and has been blind and crippled from an accident some years before. On this sunlight morning she steels herself to confront her husband about a female visitor who came to make a confession to Shawna the day before.

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Freak (USA, 4min)

Directed by: Roberto Marquez



Christian Gyllensvard, Christina Karabiyik, Christopher Cerny, Cynthia Shaw, Dagny Fratis, Gregory Hentis, Jesse Richman, Katharina Stenbeck, Kiera Allen, Raquel Leifer, Richie Noodles, Sophie Freedman, Suzanne du Charme


A young woman awakes in a forest and discovers scenes of sexual awakening that span from Oedipus to Homosexuality. Once she has been exposed to all the elements of sexual history she must travel within herself to discover her own sexuality and finally merge it with social taboos.

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Friday (United Kingdom, 17 mins.)

Directed by: Sebastian Rice-Edwards

Written by: Anna Symon


Reece Noi, Bhasker Patel, Cathy Tyson, Karen Seacombe, Richard Driscoll

FRIDAY is the story of a teenager struggling to come to terms with the death of his mother on the one-year anniversary of the tragic event.

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Funny Webcam Effects (Spain, 2min)

Directed by: Néstor Fernández


Javier Botet

Furnace Keep (USA, 3min)

Directed by: Gary Grant

Written by: Gary Grant



Bob Wells, Ethan Nickerson, Max Baird, Sealii King


Furnace Keep intertwines themes of self-imprisonment, reawakening and liberation. This short experimental film employs an unusual blend of miniatures, stop motion, digital and physical effects in an atmospheric interpretation of a struggle common to many: how to reignite the pilot light of personal potential and fuel the flames within our own Furnace Keep.

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