Fairview St. (USA, 1 hr 51 sec)

Directed by: Michael McCallum

Written by: Michael McCallum


Elizabeth Moore, Jeff Bone, Jerrod Root, Justin Muschong, Michael McCallum, Shane Hagedorn

Sometimes you want to forget your past...Sometimes your past won't let you.

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Familiar Voices (Canada & USA, 1 hr 7 min)

Directed by: Danny Mendoza

'Familiar Voices' is an independently financed, feature length, not-for-profit documentary on reactions to the ongoing crisis in Darfur. Through voices and visuals, old messages regarding responsibility and hope are delivered in new ways - ones that are direct, concrete, and accessible.

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From the Second Chair (USA, 4 min 56 sec)

Directed by: Darol Michael Carr

Written by: Crystal Garcia, Darol Michael Carr


Benjamin Anderson, Bonnie Johnson, Dana Perine, Evan McHugh, Harry Alexander, Kristen Hale, Leon Lamar, Martin Baratz, Ted Johnson

When a retired musician happens across a picture frame from his youth, he discovers that he can use the frame to view memories from his past.

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