Early Light (USA, 1:14:41)

Directed by: Geoffray Barbier

Written by: Geoffray Barbier, Yann Sobezynski

Cast: Ian Bouillion, Trager Galinsky, Shannon Hamm, Rob Morgan, Jay Potter.

After spending 10 years at a Juvenile Facility, two young men, one white and one black, both with dark deeds in their past, struggle to reclaim their freedom and re-enter society as their will is put to the test by horrific memories and a society that never forgets.

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Eddie in Love (United States, 4 minutes)

Directed by: Danny Morlock

Written by: Danny Morlock

Cast: Kevin Krzemien, Grace Ashenhurst, Ed Domingues, John McDonnell, David Enriquez, Dan Zimmerman

Eddie’s life is about to end but not before he makes one final trek to profess his love for the nurse at the end of the hallway.

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El Contacto (Spain, 3 minutes)

Directed by: Francisco Montoro

Written by: Francisco Montoro

The feelings and emotions experienced by two deaf people when they are touched.

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El Novillero (Canada, 9 min 33 seg )

Directed by: Geoff Webb

Part bloodsport drama, part desperate call-to-action, EL NOVILLERO is a powerful, rhythm-driven short documentary on the nature of bullfighting.

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Emigrate (United States, 10 minutes)

Directed by: Ijaaz Noohu

Written by: Ijaaz Noohu

Cast: Erin Dellorso, Ray Parikh, Maggie Parto

As his worlds collide, an immigrant kid struggles to maintain control over his life.

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Entailment (Australia, 19:06)

Directed by: Cam Smeal

Written by: Kate Walter

Cast: Jane Phegan, Jennifer Corren, Julian Garner, Arabella Macpherson, Dean Roach, Ids Okey, Peter Flaherty,

At a low point in his marriage, Josh cheats with Nina, a woman desperate to have a child. As he struggles to keep his betrayal a secret, he finds that his is not the only one.

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Envelhescencia (Brazil, 1 hr 24 min)

Directed by: Gabriel Martinez

The feature film Envelhescência tells the story of six people who live life to the fullest and show us, through their own experiences, that habits and routine after age 60 can be filled with activities and good humor.

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Eye of the Vulture (UK, 0:13:00)

Directed by: Willem Gerritsen

Written by: Willem Gerritsen

Cast: Amy Strange, Marene Miller,Tom Benedict Knight

Eye of the Vulture is a dark tale about a female police officer in London who has faced a one-on-one stand-off with a dangerous gangster. Even though others are convinced she is in no danger of retribution, she is skeptical and locks herself into her home for weeks on end. When she starts hearing noises she knows she's in for a visit...but maybe not from the one she was expecting.

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