Echoes (Lebanon, 15)

Directed by: Diane Bou Chedid

Written by: Diane Bou Chedid

Cast: Natasha Beidoun

A young girl finds some old tapes that her deceased dad used to send to her and her family since he was away. After listening to them, she visits the house where he used to be; everything's still the same, just the way he left them. She examines his belongings, where old cinema tickets lead her to his work place. Once she enters the projection room, a battle between the fantasy and the real takes place on the screen where an incestuous relationship embodies the projection where the young woman becomes part of a past she wasn't born in yet, ending up as a foetus.

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Eight to Five on Cleveland (USA, 00:12:56)

Directed by: Paul Coughlan

Written by: Paul Coughlan

Cast: Joe Aspromonte, Oliver Vaquer, PJ Sosko, Paul Coughlan,

Eight To Five On Cleveland is an urban thriller based in Queens New York. It's cinematic style is reminiscent of the American thriller films of the 1970's. Modern 'legal' financial predators leave people susceptible to their own bad habits. Maybe Donde's

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El Gordo (Spain, 10)

Directed by: Xavier García

Written by: Xavier García

Cast: Jesús Puchol, Teresa Folch, Raquel Marín, Jordi Vidal, Oriol Fabró

The Fat is the perfect man. At 32 years old still living with his mother is single and has no job. Bring all your life waiting for a stroke of luck that is about to come. One day a girl pursued by a mysterious man crosses Fat life. She has something that Fat has always dreamed. The Fat is a lucky man.

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Ella's wedding day (Israel, 11)

Directed by: Dana Lerer

Written by: Dana Lerer

Cast: Oded Leopold, Eldar Brantman, Dana Lerer

It's Ella's wedding day.
The sky is blue, the guests are on the way, but An unexpected encounter with a strange bell boy makes her question her choices and forces her to explore new frontiers with herself as a last act of freedom and control.

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Eodipus (USA, 4 Min)

Directed by: Ronit Pinto

Written by: Ronit Pinto

Cast: Sam Long, Kathi Moore, Natalia Castro

Eodipus is about the dysfunctional relationship between mother and son. The mother disrupts his life with her invasive, boundary-lacking behavior. The fish and the squid represent the subconscious mechanisms people use to attack and/or react to each other. In the end, it is fight or flight. Embark, on this new kind of horror.

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Erased (USA, 4 Min)

Directed by: Alison Corsie

Written by: Alison Corsie

A woman reflects on her relationship and must decide whether to stay or leave.

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Eros (USA, 26)

Directed by: Shu Zhu

Written by: Shu Zhu

Cast: Jamila Meloche, Mary Ashley

Eros is a surrealist psychological thriller about a girl's devastation, suffering and obsession when she is bewitched by 'eros' and falls in love with her new neighbor. When she discovers her lover's secret erotic life, a hidden side of her is awaken.

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