Dearest Degenerate (United Kingdom, 09:50)

Directed by: Antonia Luxem

Written by: Antonia Luxem

This piece is an address, in the form of a letter, to the close and homophobic person. It is a deconstructed reaction to the underlying and violent, invisible and yet prevalent homophobia within our society. It was developed from material found in personal notebooks and diaries and inspired by books such as Didier Eribon’s “Insult and the Making of the Gay Self” and José Esteban Muñoz’s “Cruising Utopia”.

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Dedications I-V (United States, 23:54)

Directed by: Chloe Desaulles

Written by: Chloe Desaulles

Cast: Jerry Stolzenberg, Jackie Stolzenberg, Margaret Laske, Patricia McCann, Siamak Adibi, Joan Adibi, Candy Loughney, Patrick Loughney

'Dedications I-V' is a short volumetric film by Chloé Desaulles composed of individual tales on memory as told by people with progressive memory loss. The short is based on neuroscience research, suggesting that memories can be made more resistant to degenerative disorders through the use of active recall. Through this method, agency is given back to the protagonists, who can selectively choose which memories to hold on to.

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Depressed Rabbit (United States, 20:37)

Directed by: Jon Bershad

Written by: Jon Bershad

Cast: Brian McEhlhaney, Monique Moses, Jonathan Marballi, Emma Vernon, Jim Santangeli, Keisha Zollar, Taylor Ortega, Brian Fithian, Andrew Barlow, J.W. Crump, Anna Roisman, Kristin Kirkley, Jon Bershad

A man looks for hope in an increasingly hopeless world. Also, it's a cartoon and everyone's an animal.

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Dojo (France, 04:06)

Directed by: Nikodem

Written by: Nikodem


During a judo tournament, two young boys face each other, under the gaze of their parents. The pressure rises in the room.

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Don Broco - Action (United States, 5:57)

Directed by: Benjamin Roberds

Cast: Rob Damiani, Caleb Shomo, Tyler Carter, Takahiro Moriuchi, Tilian Pearson

Public access TV makes a comeback in Benjamin Roberds video for Don Broco. This live action/stop-motion hybrid features Don Broco’s lead singer Rob Damiani, and the co-vocalists on the track, depicted as Action Man-type heroes. A fantastically surreal narrative unfolds, with the characters becoming the centre of a frenzied reign of toy-based-terror featuring blood, explosions, and the ever-entertaining reappearance of the cowboy.

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Down (USA, 02:30)

Directed by: Felipe Sanchez

Written by: Felipe Sanchez

After a plane explodes and sends six people hurtling out towards the sky, everyone must decide what matters most to them and act on those thoughts.

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Down the River (Israel, 30:00)

Directed by: Daniel H. Jacobson

Written by: Daniel H. Jacobson

Cast: Heli Amresh Sanka, Hameis El-Sheikh , Eli Menashe, Lior Naor, Itzik Peleg, Emos Ayeno, Yaser Abdullah, Habib Oksher

Neta Tezazo is an Ethiopian-Israeli Mossad officer with a mysterious past, sent on a mission to Darfur to intercede on behalf of Gen. Musa Issa Musa; a local warlord with political ambitions. If all goes according to plan, she will not survive the mission. Can Neta catch onto the game before she's the one that gets played?

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