Daddy, Where is Mom and Grandma? (Israel, 1 hr 30 min)

Directed by: Nili Tal

Cast: Producer: Nili Tal Director: Nili Tal

Deguello (United States, 14 min 29 sec)

Directed by: Jaime Herrera Jr. and Luis Treviño

Written by: Jaime Herrera Jr. and Luis Treviño

Cast: Lorenzo Leyza Dominik Blusse Joseph C. Byrne

Demon Hunters (United States, 17 min 03 sec)

Directed by: Nate Ziller

Written by: Nate Ziller

Deochiul (The evil eye) (Germany, 15 min)

Directed by: Leonore Kasper

Written by: Leonore Kasper; Mihaela Dragan

Desire Line (United Kingdom, 6 min 59 sec)

Directed by: Ruini Shi

Written by: Ruini Shi

Directed by: Dimitri Kwenda

Written by: Dimitri Kwenda

Division Ave (United States, 13 min 58 sec)

Directed by: Tamar Glezerman

Written by: Michal Birnbaum

Doll It Up (United States, 6 min 22 sec)

Directed by: Yalan Hu

Written by: Yalan Hu

Feeling his marriage with Natalie - a sex doll he has been with for 3 years - has grown stale, Gunther decides to purchases a new doll, Dorri, that he adores and esteems as “true love.” However, true love never lasts. When he finds out his new wife isn't as innocent as she looks, Gunther is faced with the fact that he has lost both of his wives.

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Don Broco: Come Out to LA (United States, 4 min 46 sec)

Directed by: Benjamin Roberds

Dream Catcher (United States, 4 min 13 sec)

Directed by: Ryan Adkins

Dreamwisher (United States, 8 min 06 sec)

Directed by: Colin Costello

Written by: Colin Costello

Drizella (United States, 2 min 3 sec)

Directed by: Susan J. Chen