Dance of the Death (Russian Federation, 3min)

Directed by: Yulia Novicheva


Evgeniy Morozov

Music clip on Camille Saint -Saens 'Dance of death' music. Whole Life of the person from birth till death within three minutes.

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Daniel (second session) (USA, 24 mins.)

Directed by: Alain Furcajg

Written by: Alain Furcajg


Aaron Tone, Clyde Shelby, Elliot Eustis, Patricia Bruno, Spencer Casey, Stephen Casey

A closeted young cabby in a small seaside town struggles to suppress his cross-dressing habits and a vicious impulse to kill those who question his sexual orientation.

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Dark Victory (USA, 5min)

Directed by: Jeff Mellin and John Soares



Eddie LaTeques, Niki Luparelli, Ziza Soares


Video for Jeff Mellin's 'Dark Victory' starring Niki Luparelli a young woman who dreams of life on the silver screen. Part of the 'Three On A Match' project, where three songwriters (Neil Carlill, Jeff Mellin & King Toad) wrote songs inspired by Bette Davis movies.'

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Delusions of Grandeur (U S A, 1:42:00)

Directed by: Iris Almaraz, Gustavo Ramos

Written by: Gustavo Ramos, Iris Almaraz


Leeana Chavez, Louie Olivos, Nicole Ortega, Peter Pano, Rina Fernandez, Ronnie Alvarez, Dave Vescio, Salvador Benavides, Jesse Wilde and Damon Viola.

"Where there are dreams, there is always an illusion."

San Francisco is known as the home of progressive liberals and the free-spirited; so it only makes sense that after quitting her depression medication, Lulu, a voluptuous, rebellious, grungy girl moves there to live with her transgender fairy godmother, Illusion. Bored by her job at a local coffee shop, Lulu leaves no stone unturned when it comes to her sexual exploration. Meanwhile, Illusion searches for someone to love and Lulu's friend Mario turns on her intrigue for a psychedelic trip on peyote. With its avant-garde perspective, Delusions of Grandeur is a bright and colorful presentation of the struggle from adolescence into adulthood. Enjoy this local spin on the coming-of-age tale for a new generation.


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Demons (Canada, 3min)

Directed by: Willie Frickelton


The Son Of Apparatus

The Son Of Apparatus are in the business of kicking ass and not taking names. With their debut music video, we see the intense sights and sounds of the lifestyle being lived out by the band representing the 705.

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Dislecksia: The Movie (USA, 81 mins.)

Directed by: Harvey Hubbell V

Written by: Eric Gardner and Harvey Hubbell V


Harvey Hubbell V, Milos Forman, Robert Blake

Filmmaker Harvey Hubbell V is one of 35 million Americans who have dyslexia. Hubbell journeys across the USA to learn more about the condition, and discovers that scientists are close to unlocking the secrets of dyslexia, which is the key to teaching everyone how to read, and stamping out illiteracy.

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