Call Me Cappy (US, 0:18:00)

Directed by: Maja Holzinger

Written by: Melissa Remark

Cast: Ritchie Montgomery, Allison Joy Blaize, Andy Stark, Christopher Lavigne, Emily Felps, Erin McCluskey, Ronnie Hooks, Susan Gordon, Angela Strohm, Venita Matthews

Wally, in his 60s, is a bowling alley manager in a small Midwestern town. He leads perfectly uneventful life dominated by his wife Gloria. Together they fell into a comfortable routine filled with Wheel of Fortune, TV dinners and weekly Bingo. One day, Wally receives a piece junk of mail informing him that he had won a tropical cruise. He becomes more and more intrigued by the idea of seeing the ocean for the first time. From now on, his imagination is fed with the images of girls in bikinis and vast oceans. He joins senior swimming club at the local YMCA and eventually learns how to swim. However, time passes by and Wally does not receive his promised prize in the mail...

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Calling Codeine (U S , 5minute)

Directed by: Maciek Sokalski

Career Girl (United States, 8 minutes)

Directed by: Johanna Watts, Fortunato Procopio

Written by: Johanna Watts

Cast: Johanna Watts, Jon Huertas, Tava Smiley, Dashiell Spaihts

On the morning of the most important meeting of her life, Monica wakes up with a huge problem.

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Carefree (US, 0: 23: 00)

Directed by: Tara Shayne

Written by: Tara Shayne

Cast: Tara Shayne, Trey Gerrald, Deb Hoffman, Maurisa Pasick, Aaron Scotti, AJ Jones, Allison Lane, David Halicky, Debbie Kagy, Jacob Zachar, Jill Zimmer, John Gunn Davis, Nicky Hackman, Noah Pasick, Tim Granaderos, Todd Kiesling.

Tara, a quirky, high-strung girl in her 20's visits her hometown, for the first time since leaving at 17, to crash her high school sweethearts wedding. Through a series of awkward encounters and ridiculous scenarios she finds that not too much has changed back home, yet everything has changed.

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Carne de Gaviota (Spain , 0 : 21: 00)

Directed by: Felipe Espinosa

Written by: Carne de Gaviota

Roberto, Susana, and Marc are shipwrecked on a desert beach located in an unknown location. The beach is not only a witness to their physical survival, but a testament to their self discovery.

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Casting (Italy, 10 minutes)

Directed by: Pasquale Ruju

Written by: Pasquale Ruju

Cast: Diego Casale, Cristina Olga Manca, Umberto Procopio

A young lady attends a demanding audition for an erotic feature film. The encounter with the grim director will produce unexpected outcomes.

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Directed by: Gabriel Gomez

Chapa (USA, 0:14:20 )

Directed by: Fabio Montanari

Written by: Fabio Montanari

Cast: Francisco Gaspar, Antonio Destro

When two Sao Paulo bakers are unfairly fired after 20 years, they decide to take revenge and rob the bakery during Brazil's first World cup match. However, what they didn't expect was customers who may interrupt their plans.

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Chasing Bonnie & Clyde (France, 1hr 27 min)

Directed by: Olivier Lambert & Thomas Salva

'Don't build prisons, they cost too much!' In this era of Great Recession, the conservative and tough-on-crime State of Texas takes an unprecedented path by becoming a social justice leader with programs that rehabilitate offenders. Looks like rape, abuse and death are no longer parts of the solution for modern-day Bonnie and Clyde...

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Chosen Family (USA, 20 min 40 seg )

Directed by: Neha Gautam

Even with the increased visibility of LGBTQ+ struggles and individuals, many public spaces remain inherently unsafe for Queer People of Color (QPOC). For many people who experience oppression at the intersection of race, gender, and sexuality, recent gains in legal rights do little to ensure that they are safe in the public sphere. The creation and maintenance of separate and private spaces for LGBTQ+ identified people is often a necessary tactic for survival. Chosen Family, highlights the story of 5 women identified people of color who create an intentional safe space in an attempt to foster community and build their 'Chosen Family'.

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Clingy (US, 0:05:05)

Directed by: Michael Grand

Written by: Michael Grand

Cast: Michael Grand, Lilly Wilton.

A stifled young man attempts to break up with his girlfriend, but she's a little...clingy.

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Close Circuit (Taiwan, 7 minutes)

Directed by: Shih Po-Han

Written by: Shih Po-Han

A Russian doll mom gives birth to a Lego child, but still raises him as a Russian doll. After years pass, the Lego child realizes he can never be the person his mother wanted him to be and tensions between mother and son finally erupt.

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Cold Season (Canada, 1:19:00)

Directed by: Carley Smale

Written by: Carley Smale

Cast: Jill Harris, Jon Cullen.

Cold Season is an independent modern day musical that follows an up-and- coming musician, who upon selling her bed frame to an immobilized stranger on Christmas Eve, decides to spend the night helping him build it. Together they are forced to confront secrets of their past and present while connecting through music.

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Come Away With Me (US, 0:16:00)

Directed by: Ellen Gerstein

Written by: Dave Field

Cast: Ellen Gerstein, Charlie Robinson

A interracial couple, who were high school sweethearts in the 60's, were separated by war and misunderstanding. After many years, Anne, still believing in true love, is determined to live life her way. She summons the courage to go to her high school reunion, hoping to rekindle the romance with Michael, an all-star athlete and war veteran, who is the love of her life.

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Completely Normal (US, 1:29:42)

Directed by: Robert Vornkahl

Written by: Paul DeKams, Christopher Vespoli, Robert Vornkahl.

Cast: Seth Kirchner, Jenny Grace, Whitney Kimball Long, Geneva Carr, Kate Hodge.

Awkward romantic Greg falls in love from afar when he crosses paths with the beautiful but reclusive Gwen on the New York subway, little does he know she is suffering from multiple personality disorder.

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Concrete/ Night (France , 0: 19: 00)

Directed by: Noe Weil

Written by: Noe Weil

Cast: Maxime Tebeka, Nathan Willcocks

Simon, a drug dealer, is kidnapped by his supplier. Under a psychological torture, he ends up admitting why he is late with his payment: the story behind seems to be even more intense and personal...

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Corto (France, 0 :10: 00 )

Directed by: Alexis de Vigan

Written by: Alexis de Vigan

Cast: Jean Christophe, Pascal Elbé, Sabrina Gunnell, Thierry Lhermitte

Corto 35, maybe 40 years of age, wanders around, driving his car from city to city, neighborhood to neighborhood, from residence to residence in order to "clean up." Always alone, eager to silence, he's sent by his boss and partner Daniel to meet specific demands...

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Cubism: Outside the Box (US , 2 minutes )

Directed by: Christian Sarkis Graham

Too many lives are lost at the hands of those who use broken details and forced narratives to sum up the whole of another human being's identity. Juxtaposing media reports on the deaths of Mike Brown, Freddie Gray and Walter Scott, to fractured mug shots, outdated medical diagrams, didactic conspiracy films (The Outer Space Connection) and paranoid propaganda reels (Duck and Cover), Cubism: Outside the Box explores the severe penalty we pay for fixating on the disjointed parts of a picture, rather than stepping back to see the full portrait.

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Cuerdas (Strings) (Spain, 10 minutes)

Directed by: Pedro Solís García

Written by: Pedro Solís García

Cast: Miriam Martín ... María (voice) Belén Rueda ... Maestra (voice) María Temprado ... Amiga de María (voice) Blanca Formáriz ... María adulta (voice) Estefanía Nussio ... Asistente social (voice)

María's routine at school is altered by the arrival of a very special child. Soon, they become close friends.

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Currency Affairs (United States, 4 minutes)

Directed by: Zehao Xue

Written by: Zehao Xue

A lifelong love story between two pieces of paper currency.

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