C-Rock (Canada, USA, 29)

Directed by: Jordan Roth

Together, kids on C-Rock face perilous jumps of up to 110 feet. It's a summertime rite of passage in the Bronx. But growing up means they'll have to leave this tradition behind.

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C.T.R.L. (United Kingdom , 3 min )

Directed by: Mariana Conde

Cast: Executive Producer: Stuart Grant Producer: Donna Mabey Featuring Matthew Biancheri and Helena Dowling

A young man's attempt at a first contact with a love interest is hijacked in a most entertaining way.

A quirky, byte sized original short with a modern twist that you just can't miss.

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Callie Wants a Solo (USA, 11 Min)

Directed by: Erick Fix

Written by: Lauren Ruff

Cast: Andy Scully, Lauren Ruff, Robin Singer

Sick of crazy stage moms, a young theater teacher decides to get away for the weekend with her co-worker and ends up ruining her surprise engagement.

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Catacomb ov Ghouls (France, 6)

Directed by: Charlotte Cayeux

Cells (Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, 89)

Directed by: Wil Mathijs

Written by: Wil Mathijs

Cast: Martin Uit den Bogaard, Phil Bloom, Aldert Mantje, Jef Nietvelt, Hans Van Der Ham, Kaat Mertens, Jeroen Eisinga, Jaap de Ruig, Anne Berk, Jo Cauwenberghe

Cells is the strange story of Martin Uit den Bogaard (one of the world’s top 10 bio-artists) and his struggle with human bodies. This contemplative but humorous documentary confronts us with our own life and death.

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Chain Gang (USA, 57:36)

Directed by: Scott Houston

Written by: Scott Houston

Chain Gang is a multimedia documentary film that takes the viewer into the real life experience's of five main characters on the chain gangs of Estrella Jail in Phoenix Arizona.

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Cherry Pop (USA, 16)

Directed by: Assaad Yacoub

Written by: Nick Landa

Cast: Amanda Learner, Blair Van Horn, Christopher Caldwell, Donald Collins, Edward Davis, Joshua Keever, Nate Grey, Nicholas page, Shaheed Woods, Calen Zewski

When Lauren Ordair, headliner of a weekly drag show, threatens to not appear for her final performance all hell breaks loose backstage. While all the other drag queens fight about who will replace Lauren a young newcomer, Amanda Poupon, is battling stage fright over her debut performance. Will the show go on?

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Ciudad Esmeralda (Spain, 4)

Directed by: Juan Tormo

Can you imagine Dorothy Gale working for Walter White? Check out this funny story inspired on the TV serie Breaking Bad and the classic film "The Wizard of Oz".

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Cold Quiet (USA, 00:10:00)

Directed by: Brian Stone

Written by: Brian Stone

Cast: Anthony D'elia, Clark Oliver, David Douglas, Eamon Fahey

A young man returns to a boy's camp to confront his abuser, the camp director.

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Confluence (USA, 00:05:33)

Directed by: Noah Shulman

Written by: Noah Shulman

There is always movement, even in stillness. Things around us are constantly changing in tiny ways that we don’t notice, eventually building up to growth and death. In Confluence, a new film by director Noah Shulman, viewers look beyond what the human eye is capable of seeing to experience those moments in between the transformations that we perceive.

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Correlated Debris (USA, 00:13:12)

Directed by: Brittany Winderman

Written by: Brittany Winderman

Cast: David DeSantis, David Raine, Doreen Noeltner, Joel Fullmer, Taylor Lintelman

Multiple people pass through a small cafe that each of them have an attachment to. The cafes future becomes threatened and this greatly impacts their lives as they connect with each other and end up helping the barista, Tom, move forward with his life.

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County Fair (USA, 33 min)

Directed by: Chris Quereau

Written by: Chris Quereau

Long ingrained in our culture, county fairs are uniquely American. While county fairs are a regular and recurring part of many American lifestyles, they may be completely alien to urban and suburban cultures. Our film attempts to document what county fairs are all about and capture this fading slice of our culture.

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Culture (USA, 3 Min)

Directed by: Michael Taylor Jackson

Written by: Michael Taylor Jackson

Two girls eat yogurt and watch hipsters pass along the street, when something unexpected happens.

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