Cafe Cafe (Canada, 1hr 20min)

Directed by: Patrick Downing

Written by: Alain Mercieca


Alain Mercieca, Caroline Braun, Eric Amber, Glyn Jones, Gordon Skilling, Joe McLean, Maite Sinave, Nick Brazao, Sandi Armstrong

Set in Montreal's run down, low income, anglophone community of St. Henri. CAFe CAFe is a romantic comedy of errors. 

When our hero (Vlad) meets the girl of his dreams (Vanessa) he quickly sets about making one bad choice after another.

If women are crazy and men are dumb, then CAFe CAFe is a romantic misadventure of hilarious comedic truth.

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Calling (Japan, 50 min)

Directed by: Ryutaro Nakagawa, Yoichi Emoto (co-director)

Written by: Ryutaro Nakagawa


Alan Koji, Kaoru Haito, Takashi Fujimura, 

A cleaning man's wife lost her sanity; a smile buried in oblivion. During the scorching mid-summer of Shinjuku, Tokyo, a glimpse of a new life crosses the man's eyes; a dream of becoming a painter. But he continues to devote himself to his wife by giving up his dream. One day, they headed deep into a forest, the man believing in the moment of when her smile would reappear again.

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Cecilia's Birthday (USA, 16min)

Directed by: Adonis Williams

Written by: Adonis Williams


Andhy Mendez, Denise Garcia, Edgar Jimz, Joey Lindicy, Natalie Toro, Rimayri Perez, Rosie Berrido, Samantha Lee Torres, Suzette Banzo

Teenage Cecilia's excitement about her birthday is crushed when her mother turns it into a party for her own friends and ignores all her daughters' requests for what she wants. The older brother captures all his sister's disappointments on his new camcorder. Seven years later, as an adult, Cecilia finds the tape of her party, revealing to us something her brother kept a secret and reflects on how it impacted on who she's become.

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Celui Qui Pleure a Perdu (France, 1hr 15min)

Directed by: Marion LeFeuvre


Delphine Montaigne, Marjorie Ciccone, Matthieu Longatte, Pierre Bechet, Thiébaut Viel

And if you can see again a dead person?

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Directed by: Alon Shai

Written by: Alon Shai


Charlie Megira, Oren Hamel

In a chaotic world where its always dark,a mysterious group of switchblade punks are summoned by cult leader Charlie Megira,- an eccentric prophet who preaches 'the truth' with his shiny guitar about the real god - ELVIS

The Playwright Celtic Pub

732 8th Ave  New York, NY 10036

8 th Ave. between 45 and 46 streets.

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Directed by: Kun-I Chang, co-director: Shihwen Lin

Written by: Kun-I Chang, Shihwen Lin

Coffee & Fried Chicken was born on April, 7th, 2012. When K, the black monkey who loves fried chicken, and W, the white rabbit who lives on coffee, exchanged their vows. K designed the monkey & rabbit characters as the body doubles for themselves, and together they share their story with friends and families through the two characters. This is the story of the first year of their life.

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