Can't Dance (USA, 15:06)

Directed by: Richard Uhlig

Written by: Richard Uhlig

A lonely widower... a ghost with a plan... a neighbor with a secret.

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Catch the Clock (USA, 20 mins.)

Directed by: Jaena Marisse Sta. Ana

Written by: Jaena Marisse Sta. Ana


John Steen, Kate Chan, Larry Kitagawa, Matthew Grubisich, Teralyn Shields, Xing Kai Wu

Catch the Clock is the story of Azra, an introverted mortician who's lived side by side with death. She has found comfort in her position as a mortician, surrounding herself with the deceased. Visiting an antique shop after her watch breaks she meets, Trevor, a bright Chinese American. Their unexpected friendship ultimately helps her come to life through death.

Catch the Clock is a film representing the common link in human society, death. Life & death is also expressed through the contrast of culture and character.

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Chasing Home (USA, 1hr 25min)

Directed by: Keith Boynton


Angelica Barquero, Brigitte Choura, Bruce Bowns, Clint Byrne, E. Timothy Schomburg, James Fauvell, Jane Hardy, Jill Adler, Michael Redfield, Mike Lavoie, Nicole Chiles, Samantha Christensen


Jesse, Henry, Violet, and Benny Stamper are four siblings who have gone their separate ways.  Jesse's a reporter in Chicago, Benny's a minister, Henry's a derelict, and Violet has remained at home to help their father, Bruce, run the family motel.  But when Bruce suddenly disappears, the siblings are inexorably drawn back together to assist in the search.  As they embark on a journey through the places they used to know so well, they rediscover long-simmering conflicts between them – and long-standing bonds, too.  In the end, their search becomes less about finding Bruce than about finding each other.  But fate has one more surprise in store for them.

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Church Road (USA, 15 mins.)

Directed by: Nicole Yuhas

Written by: Nicole Yuhas


Ellie Rose Schwartz, Michael Orenstein, Natasha Sims, Ralph Tarr

A young woman faces a heart-wrenching dilemma:  should she put her severely depressed stepfather through the mind-altering trauma of electro-shock therapy (ECT), or fight to break him out of the system, leaving his depression untreated?

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Clicked (Australia, 35 mins)

Directed by: Matthew Foster

Written by: Matthew Foster


Amanda Buckley, Andy Anderson, Matthew Foster, Jon Williams, Toby Truslove, Susie Youssef.

Max designs online ads. Unfortunately, he's not very good at it. Even more unfortunately, his boss has set up a competition in which he and his snide colleague Beth must each design an ad for a hardware store. Whoever creates the ad that gets clicked the most will be given a promotion. Max would really be in with a shot ... if only he had some creative talent.

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Commentary (USA, 1hr 25min)

Directed by: Aaron Mark

Written by: Aaron Mark



Alison Fraser, Chip Zien, Gerry McIntyre, Katie Klaus, Kristine Zbornik, Leslie Kritzer, Liz Larsen, Peter Vack, Tom Hewitt, Zachary Isaacson


Nine people record a commentary for the DVD of a fictional film called WASTE.

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