Directed by: Gillian Scott-Ward

Cast: Okema Moore

Back to Natural is a 69-minute documentary film that reveals the emotional and shocking truth about hair, politics, and racial identity in black communities and beyond. Directed by New York City based Clinical Psychologist Gillian Scott-Ward.

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Bagheera (India, UK, Australia | 2017, 19 min)

Directed by: Christopher Watson

Written by: Christopher Watson

Cast: Preeti Choudhury, Rajesh Balwani

Shot in Hindi, in a disused, Mumbai shipyard, the film is inspired by true events and addresses a major issue facing Indian society. Bagheera, the sassy leader of a girl scout troop, is abducted after a meeting one evening. She employs her girl scout skills to confront her brutal assailant and serve up a scorching retribution. Whilst the subject is dark, the message is uplifting, suggesting courage and invention in the face of adversity.

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BEAST (Australia | 2016, 20 min)

Directed by: Christopher Sferrazza

Written by: Carl J. Sorheim

Cast: Marta Kaczmarek, Kashmir Sinnamon, Jane Clifton

Sophie has been a social outcast for nearly a decade in the wake of a fatal accident involving her daughter, and the dominating Bea has given Sophie hopes of rejoining the community by “weaving her magic with the girls”. Just when things are finally looking up, Sophie stumbles upon something dark and inconceivable that forces her to make an impossible decision. A decision for love...

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Beastly Things (USA | 2017, 5 min)

Directed by: Zev Chevat

A young street artist encounters a vicious group of local schoolchildren, and learns what truly makes a monster.

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Bird Cage (USA | 2017, 4 min)

Directed by: Vincent Cappellut

A story about opening up... literally.

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Blue Rise Before Demise (Germany, 15 min)

Directed by: Michael Geidel

Blue - Rise Before Demise is a 360° film about how Climate Change and (plastic) pollution have an influence on the Oceans and what can be done about it. The user follows the water and plastic life cycle from the bath tub to the sewer, the deep sea and back to witness the changing marine flora and fauna. The animated journey features real life radio news. In the end an exclusive 360° short documentary from the North Pole is shown to connect with reality. The 360° animation is rendered from Unity.

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Bodies of Water (USA | 2017, 14 min)

Directed by: David Lykes Keenan

Written by: David Lykes Keenan

Cast: Ellar Coltrane, Roby Attal

It's 1984, Marsh is 24 years old, and struggles with a tormenting secret. One random night, he crosses paths with Rivers, a stranger so striking that Marsh is instantly smitten. Marsh pursues Rivers until an opportunity presents itself for him to take the boldest risk of his life.

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Brave New World - Smiley Boy (USA | 2017, 4 min)

Directed by: Joshua Shelton

Cast: Daniel Moody, Hali Cherry

A tiny lady bouts the Heavy Weight Pie Eating Champion at Brave New Bakery.

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Break (USA | 2017, 3 min)

Directed by: Jacqueline Haboon

Separated on a mountain by an avalanche, a boy and his dog must each other before the elements consume them.

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Burn the River Down (USA | 2017, 4 min)

Directed by: Shawn Engler

Cast: Elli Perry