Baby Owl's House of Terrors (United States | 2016, 4 minutes )

Directed by: Stephen Picher

After receiving a disappointing birthday present, Baby Owl sends his father on a rickety death machine of his own creation. Revenge has never been sweeter!

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Back Page Ripper (United States | 2016, 5 minutes)

Directed by: Stephen Rutterford

Bladerunner meets The Muppets
An experimentation with narrative.

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BACKSTORY (Germany | 2016 , 8 minutes )

Directed by: Joschka Laukeninks

Written by: Joschka Laukeninks

Cast: Xenia Assenza, Jessica McIntyre, and Jan Stapelfeldt

Bad Frank (United States | 2016, 1 hour 45 minutes )

Directed by: Tony Germinario

Written by: Tony Germinario, Kevin Interdonato, and Russ Russo

Cast: Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini, Amanda Clayton, Kevin Interdonato, Lynn Mancinelli, Brian O'Halloran, and Tom Sizemore

Frank Pierce leads a seemingly normal life, but when a disturbing past reemerges & something precious is taken from him, his mask of sanity loosens & unearths the urge to be violent once again.

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Balkan Roots (Australia | 2016, 1 hour 23 min)

Directed by: Anthony Fletcher, Chris Rabbitt

Written by: Anthony Fletcher, Chris Rabbitt

Six musicians from across Europe. A Barcelona melting pot. Music from Roma, Klezmer & Balkan traditions...but with a Barcelona twist? Local masters + a new generation of Balkan musicians. Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra Touring the Balkans, playing with the locals, exploring their Balkan Roots.

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Bar Rushmore (United States | 2016, 4 minutes )

Directed by: Mike Diliberto

The four presidents of Mount Rushmore (George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, and Abe Lincoln) have decided to open a bar together. In this episode John Wilkes Booth shows up for a drink, and Abe does not trust him.

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BARDO (United States | 2016, 18 minutes )

Directed by: Scott Aharoni & Dennis Latos

Written by: Petros Georgiadis

Cast: Lelia Goldoni, Johnny Solo

After a long night working the New York City streets as a taxi driver, Johnny finds himself frustrated, on edge, and seeking an escape. While pulled over and getting ready to satisfy bad habits, he is interrupted by Lily, an old lady insisting for a ride home. Reluctantly, he agrees to drive her and what follows is an unexpected journey.

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Bart (Taiwan | 2016 , 17 minutes )

Directed by: Yun-Sian Huang

'Bart' is a stop-motion animation, which transfer the traditional Chinese dough-crafting skill to animation making. Director try to express Taiwanese culture and life experience in this film.

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Beautiful (Australia | 2013 , 6 minutes )

Directed by: Nez Erok

The exposed lyrics of Beautiful resonate with people from all walks of life who have endured personal struggle; people that I seek to help through this song. Drawing from my own turbulent upbringing, I share hope and healing for others in this video.

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Before I Die (United States | 2015, 3 minutes )

Directed by: Katherine Joy McQueen

Written by: Katherine Joy McQueen

Cast: Seth Thomas, Grizel Williams

Before I Die is based off a true story. It’s about a 30-year-old single man that feels stuck in his life. He’s a carpenter that spends all of his days doing what he loves most–woodworking. Yet, he still doesn’t feel like he has purpose in the world. He builds a chair that represents his desire to build a family and his life around it.

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Biocharge (United States | 2016, 5 minutes )

Directed by: Jun Ando

Obtaining free will and the beauty within.

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Bit Rosie (United States | 2016, 29 minutes)

Directed by: Adele Fournet

BLIND SEAM (Iceland | 2016 , 8 minutes )

Directed by: Eric G. du Bellay

Two teenagers, Katrin and Alex, are in a lousy sofa. She asks him why he doesn't want to sleep with her... Cut ! We are in the middle of a student film shooting. Eva, 16, is directing...

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Bones (United States | 2016, 4 minutes )

Directed by: Andy Bond

Written by: Andy Bond

Cast: Matija Blazic, Samantha Jane, Matt Little, and Turna Mete

Music Video for the song "Bones" by the indie folk band Lowlight. Life is a bunch of cold lonely walks home from the bar. Sometimes there's a light left on.

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Bosatsu - Year of the Dragon (United States | 2017 , 6 minutes )

Directed by: Siddharth Ahluwalia

Written by: Siddharth Ahluwalia

Brazilian Wavy* (United States | 2016, 21 minutes)

Directed by: Kirk Henriques

Written by: Kirk Henriques

Cast: Jasmine Burke, Danielle Deadwyler, Barry Flyod, Lamont King, and Celeste Seda

A comedic story of a socially awkward young man- from his humble beginnings as an unsuccessful inventor to his unlikely rise and breakthrough with his own hair product that makes him the Mike Jordan of hair.

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Brooklyn Basketball (United States | 2016, 1 hour 45 minutes )

Directed by: Duffy Higgins

Brooklyn has always produced the best basketball players, but what does it really take for a kid from Brooklyn to 'make it'?

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Bruce (United States | 2016, 1 hour 10 minutes )

Directed by: Phebe Szatmari

Bucky (United States | 2016, )

Written by: Jeza Belle

America's first homosexual president, James Buchanan, completes an important trade deal with the French Ambassador.

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Bug and the Fireflies (United States | 2016, )

Written by: Rob Holland, Chi Laughlin

Bug is an anti-social, cantankerous gear-head of a beetle who spends his time building inventions out of junk he finds on the forest floor. But when he is mocked by a group of fireflies, he prepares to go to war.

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