Barrio Boy (US, 0:08:00)

Directed by: Dennis Shinners

Written by: Dennis Shinners

Cast: Andrew Flores, Dennis Garcia, Dan Leonard, Peter Olivera.

A Latino barber secretly falls in love with a handsome Irish stranger over the course of a cut during a hot and sweaty summer afternoon in a macho Brooklyn hood.

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Bassoon Rap (US , 3 minutes )

Directed by: Daniel Goldblum

Batman and Jimbo (Australia, 0:06:53)

Directed by: Angus Mullane

Written by: Joshua Mullane, Angus Mullane

Cast: Joshua Mullane, Angus Mullane, Kathryn Beck, Bailey Greaves, Corey Blake Owers, Patch May.

Batman & Jimbo follows two low-lives, Johnny and Jimbo, who pretend to rob the local store in an effort to win back Johnny's ex-wife, however, the situation turns horribly wrong when they discover an actual robbery is taking place.

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Beast of Burden (USA, 0:17:38)

Directed by: Mateo Salcedo Cancino

Written by: Mateo Salcedo Cancino

Cast: Giedre Bond, Ben Williams

New York is a big city full of small places where people crash. Inside the city, a woman and a man embark on an impersonal affair. After they meet each other at an after hours bar, they push each other trying to find an intimate connection that they both desperately need.

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Beautiful Meat (U S , 0: 21 : 00 )

Directed by: Ronald Riqueros

Written by: Ronald Riqueros

Cast: Amelia Huckle-Bauer, Erika Hennings, Renato Ferreira

New York City, present day. The mysterious disappearance of gorgeous porn star Max Steele, sets the mood of this psychological-thriller short film against a background of lust, obsession and gore. The puzzle comes together as the film unravels Max's love triangle with Zooey, a seemingly naive opera singer, and Mia, a successful chef with carnivorous appetite.

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Before the Bomb (USA, 0 : 23: 00)

Directed by: Tannaz Hazemi

Written by: Tannaz Hazemi

Cast: Sterling Jerins, Cindy Cheung, Heidi Armbruster

10 year old Elsa takes matters into her own hands when Child Services plans a visit that could separate her from her 5 year old brother.

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Beijing Being (Australia & China, 1:17:43)

Directed by: Emma Jaay

Written by: Emma Jaay

Cast: William Pilsner, Emma Jaay, Toby Jarman, Carlotta Trevisan, Chris Fleming, Martin Butz, Jesse Jarman.

Following the abrupt departure of her best friend during a visa crackdown, Sophie struggles to complete her cabaret and understand her place in Beijing without him.

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Being Dennis (, 10minute)

Directed by: Trish Sie

Written by: Trish Sie

Cast: Derek Mehn, Natalia Reagan, Tom Lommel, Walter Sie, Bernard Sie, Jf Pryor, Roe Sie.

Being Dennis is a live action short film by writer/director Trish Sie, the Grammy Award-winning director of OK Go music videos and the 2014 feature film, Step Up All In. Sie tackles the ferocious love of man's best friend by chronicling a night in the life of her own dog, Dennis, as portrayed by brilliant comedic actor, Derek Mehn.

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Belonging (Portugese , 0:18:00)

Directed by: Laura Seixas

Written by: Kerry-Ann Calleja McGregor

Cast: Leandro Morais, Mafalda Marafusta, Ana Peres, Margarida Bento, Tiago Fernandes,

Austrian children refugees of post-WWII brought to Elvas, Portugal. An encounter leads to a timeless story of communicating beyond language.

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Bird (Turkey, 1:50:0)

Directed by: Coskin Irmak

Written by: Coskin Irmak

Cast: Enes Atis, Ece Cesmioglu, Firat Demirag, Serhat Ozcan, Enginay Gultekin, Oguz Irmak, Ugur Kuyucu, Dine Altiok, Aliye Yilmaz

As a university student, Sinan lives on his own a long way away from his family. He is an introvert by nature and lacking in social skills. Sinan has a budgerigar called Barba at home. He talks to, and confides in Barba. Sinan is in love with one of his classmates, but has no contact with the girl in reality. Sinan also comes to realize that his connection with Barba is no more than a self-made delusion. From this point on, his outlook on life and himself begins to change.

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Birthday Present (Austria / Israel, 0:26:00)

Directed by: Guy Lichtenstein

Written by: Guy Lichtenstein

Cast: Nitai Gvirtz, Almuth Hattwich

On their last night together, a young Austrian tourist named Clara and an Israeli student named Tomer find themselves on an unexpected search for the “morning after pill”. Cultural and personal gaps create distance between them. Tomer and Clara try to open up to each other, but every opportunity for closeness is interrupted by the outside world. With multicultural Jerusalem as a backdrop, they are confronted with the realities of two worlds apart.

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Blade#1 (United States, 0:42)

Directed by: Zuzka Kurtz

The lives of NYC dancers trying to make ends meet sometimes gets a bit weird, but never as bizarre as the lives of the five young women who decide to shave their heads at the direction of an anonymous online master manipulator.

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Written by: Jon Carr

A family on vacation takes the wrong turn in the wrong town.

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Blood Trust (Australia, 00:11:03)

Directed by: Alberto Di Troia

Written by: Alberto Di Troia

Cast: Margherita Peluso, Frank Fazio, Enzo Mercadante, Producer: Laura Faulkner

Maria Vitelli is struggling to control the men in her life: an Italian
immigrant father who’s gone totally senile and a teenage son, Anthony, whose only friend is his pet boa constrictor. When Anthony becomes the target of school bullies, he decides that he longer needs his mother’s protection to survive. Maria must fight to control her son and protect the secret buried beneath her tomato garden, keeping them big, red and juicy all year long.

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Directed by: Storesund Thomas

This short subject documentary follows Placido Domingo in an intimate behind the scenes look into the staging of Verdi's opera 'Simon Boccanegra.'

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Brave Men (US, 6minute)

Directed by: Joe Zohar

Bummertown (United States, 9 minutes)

Directed by: Adam D'Arpino, William Pearson

Written by: Adam D'Arpino, William Pearson

Cast: Dan Bookbinder, Cyp Stephenson, Ricky Nelson, Adam D'Arpino, Samantha Friedman

Bummertown follows a piano-playing introvert named Darin as he attempts to navigate the online dating landscape and make sense of the nonstop non-advice being doled out by his friends and family prior to a big night out.

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Buschow (Germany, 1:30:00)

Directed by: Rosa Friedrich

Written by: Rosa Friedrich

Cast: Sophia Becker & Wolfram Schorlemmer.

Two people in their mid-twenties are on vacation in a summer cottage in the woods. They don't understand each other's feelings, so they try to speak about models of loving, about themselves, about love. Yet their different languages don't really allow them to meet, it's only through play that they can come together.

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Directed by: Anthony Desiato

Written by: Anthony Desiato

Bombastic, cranky, and irreverent, Jay Meisel operated a booth at New York's Empire State Flea Market for almost four decades. In his cramped and cluttered retail space, the comic book vendor decried a lack of taste and class in modern society, attributed his dwindling revenue to a rising "Latin" population, and berated his customers with a gruffness that belied his kind interior.

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