Bach in Madrid (Spain, 92)

Directed by: José del Río

Written by: Julia Royo, José del Río

Cast: Simón Andueza, Elena Borderías, Nicanor Brasa, Emiliano Cano, Jose Antonio Carril

Between the years 2004 and 2012, the orchestra and choir of La Capilla Real de Madrid played in the churches of Madrid the integral of Johannes Sebastian Bach’s Cantatas and sacred works. Bach's music reached all districts of the city, from the most humble to the most touristic ones, in the form of free concerts.

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Bang! (Spain, 0:06:00)

Directed by: Carlos Guil

Cast: Sergio Sanchez, Noe Blancafort, Leticia Guillen

George and his father play cowboys and indians. Meanwhile, the little kid will find something that completely change the game.

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Bar (Germany, 8:14)

Directed by: Pascal Floerks

Written by: Pascal Floerks

Cast: Pascal Floerks

My grandpa's past was always very present. It would break through in something he'd say or do, but he'd never talk about it. Only now, by revisiting his life and personality as I knew him, do I feel the weight of his inheritance.

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Be With Me (USA, 45)

Directed by: Michael Terrill

Written by: Michael Terrill

Cast: Lori Cairns, Mason Whitfill

A family unites to help their son recover from autism. It was 1996, and Lori and Jim Cairns could see their 2-year-old son JR slipping away. The diagnosis: mild to moderate autism and mental retardation. Doctors predicted that JR would be institutionalized by age 17.

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Beuys frames (Italy, 22:45)

Directed by: Pierparide Tedeschi and Marco Ligabue

Destruction of nature, health emergencies, wars, terrorist attacks... Joseph Beuys foresaw our most evil afflictions and suggested possible solutions. 'Beuys frames' is a short film on the life, the work and the philosophy of Joseph Beuys, one of the most important figures of world art.

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Beyond the Walls (USA and Argentina, 00:92:32)

Directed by: Gayle Embrey

Written by: Gayle Embrey, Zeke Eagan

All over the world, people from different cultures instinctively go to the walls, painting their stories as a way to give voice to their life experiences. In Beyond The Walls, we enter the murals for a personal view of lives affected by violence, poverty or conflict. Beyond The Walls brings to life the impact of traumatic events on those who survive.

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Bingo (USA, 00:14:50)

Directed by: Sabarinath Nair

Written by: Sabarinath Nair

Cast: Divya Jacob, Elana Mugdan, Justin Varkey, atherine Vishneva, Kiran Chandrahasa, Robert Bella

A short film portraying ' the influence of today's materialistic world over true love and relationships'. The movie 'Bingo 'depicts the effective manipulation adapted by the new generation , cutting the edges smoothly and easing their way out to a totally new heaven.

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Directed by: Nedim Hazar

Written by: Nedim Hazar

Cast: Eren Balkan, Hera Büyüktaşçciyan, Viktor and Nimet Albukrek, Hasan Kuruyazıcı, Hüseyin Eroğlu, Halim Bulutoğlu, Agni Küçüknşkolaidis, Nurgül and Erdinç Günbatı, Selçuk Erçaylap, Nikiforos Metaxas

My heart is for only for you and the islands. I will never give my heart away.

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Bittersweet Monday (USA, 1 hr 28 min)

Directed by: Jaime Lee

Written by: Jaime Lee

Cast: Jaime Lee, Philipp C. Wolter, David Covington, Lauren LoGiudice, John Jude Schultz

An emotional goodbye between longtime best friends begins an unexpected love affair, putting two marriages and many friendships at stake.

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Black Dog (USA, 16 mins)

Directed by: Romulo Alejandro

Written by: Romulo Alejandro

Cast: Hector Bucio Mercer Boffey Bella Dayne

Two friends search for the urban legend of Black Dog.

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Black Raven (New Zealand, 5)

Directed by: Aleksander Sakowski

Written by: Aleksander Sakowski

Cast: Hannah Tasker-poland, Michael Morgan, Rowan Bettjeman

In a future suffering from decay, federation mercenaries seek to reclaim a device stolen by the Black Raven; a genetically engineered creature specialized for espionage.

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Blind Date (USA, 4 Min)

Directed by: Jason Coates

Written by: Jason Coates

This is one in a series of animated comic shorts by independent illustrator and animator Jason Coates. In this episode, we are taken into Lamar Babcock's vividly neurotic imagination as he braces for a blind date.

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Blood Trail (USA, 26 Min)

Directed by: Irina Prokhorenko

Written by: Irina Prokhorenko, Eric Davidson

Cast: Alexandra Turshen, Clayton Myers, Sam Repshas

Blood Trail is about Sam, a lonely bounty hunter who tries to bring back two sinful brothers to a camp. The brothers provoke Sam to question her violent actions and confront her past. In the dichotomy of good and evil, it is initially obvious where the brothers and Sam stands but along the journey there is an unexpected shift.

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Directed by: David Hawkins

Three lost and downward spiralling souls are proposed an offer by a being from another world; to take one final night to confront the city that has beaten them down, before escaping their lives forever.

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Brandon Semenuk's Rad Company (Canada, Fiji, USA, 62)

Directed by: Aaron Whitley

Written by: Jeremy Grant

Cast: Brandon Semenuk, Brendon Fairclough, Cameron Zink, Ryan Howard, Steve Smith, Thomas Grenon, Yannick Granieri

RAD COMPANY will take the audience on a high performance visual ride around the globe. Stunning imagery, progressive action, a plethora of riding and filming styles as well as cutting edge after effects - the film will pick up where the iconic NWD franchise ended nearly five years ago.

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Directed by: David LaRocca

Written by: David LaRocca

Cast: David LaRocca,

What can a profit-driven, luxury, Italian fashion brand learn from the likes of Marcus Aurelius, St. Benedict, St. Francis, and Kant? Its founder, Brunello Cucinelli, thinks quite a lot, and has shaped his company with reference to the history of philosophy

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Bullet Time (USA, 5)

Directed by: Justin Mejia

Written by: Niall Madden, Justin Mejia

Cast: Sebastian Marciano, Steve Williams, Bridget Fitzgerald, Darren Jones, Niall Madden, Telis Paliouras

An homage to retro NYC styles and plots, this music video was made with no budget and done for the song Bullet Time, by NYC based band Stereo Off.

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