Directed by: Michael Cerminara

Written by: Michael Cerminara

A cat floats helplessly through space, tethered to balloons as his life flashes before his eyes.

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Bind (USA, 13min)

Directed by: Kris Byrnes

Written by: Kris Byrnes


Anna Orlova, Audrey Kovar, David Harrell, Helene Eidsvag, John Hardin

A young woman living in a repressive dystopian society faces a difficult choice whether to give birth and raise a child in the crumbling world around her or risk her health and freedom for a dangerous illegal procedure.

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Bishtar Az Do Saat (Iran, 15min)

Directed by: Ali Asgari

It's 3 AM. a boy and a girl are wandering in the city.

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