Banking on Trust (USA, 38 mins.)

Directed by: LeeAndrea Morton

Pioneers in the fight against global poverty are exploring an innovative method of helping the world’s poor. They offer sustainable socio-economic advancement through access to credit and other financial services that the developed world takes for granted.

The idea is simple, it’s about giving small loans to people in poverty — usually to women in developing countries — who can then use that loan to start small businesses out of their homes.

The global payback rate for microfinance loans is greater than 90 percent, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. For a microfinance investor, the desired return on investment is far more than just monetary. These investors want to see that their loans are improving lives, educating children, fighting hunger, and creating sustainable communities wherever their dollars go.

Go on a journey to Argentina to see how a little loan goes a long way. Meet borrowers, lenders, and experts from three microfinance institutions in one of Latin America’s destination countries, as we explore the real impact of microlending efforts in the lives of those who need it most.

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Bernadette (fourth seating) (USA, 1hr 12min)

Directed by: Josh Taub

Written by: Jeff Ertz, Josh Taub


Bernadette Scarduzio

Bernadette was born with the biggest disease no one has ever heard of... until now. Watch as she rises from living in obscurity to becoming - in the words of her late father - the face of CMT (Charcot Marie Tooth disease). 

Affecting over 2.6 million worldwide, CMT is a nerve and muscle disorder that causes it's victims to deteriorate over time. There is no cure. It is a family secret. It goes undiagnosed and misdiagnosed way too often. In some cases, it can be fatal. This project is the first full length film on this subject. It uncovers the truths, frustrations, and misconceptions about CMT. Along the way, there is tragedy, spiritual rebirth, a beautiful female partnership, surgery, and yes, even a few laughs.


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Directed by: Adam Tyree

Written by: Burt Brooks



Alexandra Hellquist, Burt Brooks, Haeree Park, Joe Matusak, John Beck, Ryan Merrigan


A teen runaway, Noreen, stalks a handsome local named Bobby, and when he makes the mistake of leaving his back door unlocked Noreen slips inside his home to become more intimate with her obsession...


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Body Complete (Austria, 86 mins.)

Directed by: Lukas Sturm

Written by: Lukas Sturm


Asli Bayram, Adnan Haskovic, Miraj Grbic, Senad Basic

Sensing history repeating itself, journalist Nicole flies from Vienna to the Bosnian village of Morovci to track down Edina, who has gone missing. Edina had recently returned to Morovci to fulfill her murdered father’s last wish for a proper burial. However, her father was one of thousands of Muslim victims of ethnic cleansing in the 1992 war, and Morovci has since been remade—facts complicating her task. Now Edina herself has vanished mid-mission. As they search for her, Nicole and her television crew face resistance from traumatized villagers and a despotic mayor. Their few allies, meanwhile, include the forensic specialists painstakingly piecing together the scattered remains of the victims. When the body is complete, the soul can rest. When the truth is told, a new future is possible. This poignant thriller examines what it means for a people to face up to a shared past, and what happens when they won’t.

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Directed by: Jonathon Goodro

When life gives you lemons, sell them for cash. The first single off of Brian Alexander's newest album, The Acoustic Gangster, comes a fresh summer hit, 'Lemonade.'

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