A Life Imagined (USA, 11 Min)

Directed by: Amy Obarski

Written by: Amy Obarski

Cast: Frances Michalek

A day in the life of a woman living with Alzheimer's, visited by memories of her past.

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A Life Outside (USA, 01:23:00)

Directed by: Catherine Brabec

Written by: Catherine Brabec

This is a story of passion and obsession. Its the story of the relationships of six New Jersey surfers who got on a surfboard 50 years ago and haven't stopped to this day. Pioneering the surf break at the Casino Pier in Seaside Heights, NJ in the 60's, surfing freezing waters before wetsuits existed, they found themselves inside the grip of a passion, an obsession so deep, only those who ride waves would understand. Surfing the Pier was a privilege earned, a territory protected, and friendships were complicated by fierce competition.
The Pier, an icon for decades was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. This is the life story of these men, deeply connected to nature, water and weather, and the lessons learned from the ocean.
A Life Outside is about more than surfing, its about not giving up or giving in, and having the courage to live life deeply, without compromise.

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A Long Shot (USA, 4 minutes)



A young man tries to woo the girl of his dreams in a matter of minutes

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A Second Skin (Canada, 9:28)

Directed by: Shawn Kosmerly

Written by: Eric McKenzie & Shawn Kosmerly

While battling to find the person she was meant to be, Christin Milloy made the life changing decision of becoming a woman. Unhappy with the way the Canadian government views the transgender community, Chirstin has made it her duty to take on these pressing issues, as well as be the first transgender person to run for provincial office.

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Directed by: Mu Sun

Written by: Michael Jonathan Smith

Cast: Kim Kutner, Catherine Taber, Doreen Calderon, Jeff Blumberg, Kieron Elliott, Ryan Churchill

Laura Fein has an appointment at a time travel agency to have a burning question answered: Does her coworker like her?

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A Summerhouse (Italy, USA, 8 minutes)

Directed by: Federica Gianni

Written by: Pernille Rivedal Hellevik

Cast: Barbara Folchitto, Claudio Parise, Lucia Batassa

Walter is an incredibly attentive kid who is ignored most of the time by his numerous family. As he roams through their big summerhouse he ends up finding an odd task for himself which leads him to a great discovery.

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Directed by: Alexandra Jackman

Written by: Alexandra Jackman

A Teen's Guide to Understanding and Communicating with People with Autism is a primer on how individuals can better relate to those with Autism. The goal of the film is to help typically developing teens learn about Autism and thus increase acceptance of their autistic peers. Autism experts, people with Autism, parents of people with Autism as well as teens and adults not on the Autism spectrum give us their insights in concert with real life examples, dramatizations, graphics, interviews and narration. A Teen's Guide to Understanding and Communicating with People with Autism helps us to identify with what it may be like to think and behave like an Autistic person and as a result, reduce fear, increase compassion and encourage understanding.

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Abbitte eines Mörders (Germany, 22)

Directed by: Julian Cohn

Written by: Julian Cohn

Cast: Ludwig Blochberger, Olaf Krätke, Bernd Gnann

A murderer´s confession.

Pater: "Are you willing to repent?" Kapuze: "Aah, one step at a time. I will be repenting. All in good time."

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Aerobics - A Love Story (Sweden, 00:76:13)

Directed by: Anders Rune

Written by: Niklas Holmgren

Cast: Madeleine Martin, Marina Nyström, Victor Von Schirach

Maria is mentally challenged and lives with her overprotective sister Helen. Maria falls in love with a man, Janne. A marvelous and odd story about forbidden love by award winning Director Anders Rune, shot in the suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden.

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Directed by: Geoff Ryan

Written by: Geoff Ryan

When all that you love is taken away, all you are left with is love. From the remnants of her home a young girl rebuilds the life lost and clings to her memories while creating new ones in her imagination.

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All American Boy (USA, 00:05:02)

Directed by: Jason Knade

Written by: Jason Knade, Brendan Leahy

Cast: Steve Grand, Ashley Lobo, Nick Alan

"...raw and heartbreaking tale of love that surpasses sexual orientation."

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Directed by: Emileigh Barrett

Written by: Michael Addison

Cast: Michael Addison, Vanessa Bryan

Two lost souls feel so alone that even when their paths cross, they can not see everything they ever need is right in front of them.

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Am Ende der Arbeit (Germany, 47)

Directed by: Katharina Waisburd

Written by: Katharina Waisburd

Cast: Marianne Meier, Volker Hamann, Heinz Piela, Günter Doppel, Gisela Doppel, Ute Geier, Günter Geier, Peter Wehrle

The goodbye after 40 years of work before retirement.

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AM800 (USA, 18:03)

Directed by: James Roe

Written by: James Roe

Cast: Tracy Miller, Leon Contavesprie, Joe Sokemen, Jim Roe, Jenny Freeman, Jacob McManus, David Wortham, Craig Leydecker, Cathie Choppin, Ben Matheny

Clyde Thompson's reclusive, mundane life is changed forever when he discovers a mysterious tunnel in his living room closet.

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An Accidental Memoir (USA, 5:46)

Written by: K.W. Kuchar

Cast: David Newman, Doug Porter, Heather Strauss, Jennifer Steiger, Meryl Crock, Rebecca Gray

A years worn book links together the personal history of a group of strangers who leave behind glimpses of their journey through life; leaving behind 'an accidental memoir'.

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Anamnesis (USA, 32 Min)

Directed by: Joe DiCanio

Written by: Joe DiCanio

Cast: Peter Coleman & Krista Donargo

A man struggles to gather photos, videos and trinkets for his memory stricken wife and put them into a computer/hard drive with an algorithm to bring her memory back.

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Arbor Day (USA, 12 Min)

Directed by: Samuel Long

Written by: Samuel Long

Cast: Jack-Henry Kay, Jeni Lee Richey, Jim buford, Sam Sommer, Nate Czarling, Ron Shedd

Ford's 'The Searchers' meets Carpenter's 'The Thing' in a horror story told 'round a campfire. But be weary of your storyteller! All may not be right with this stranger.

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Directed by: Keiko Courdy

Written by: Keiko Courdy

A film on Japan after Fukushima.

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