A Way (France, 14 mins.)

Directed by: Julien Drach

Written by: Alain TeuliƩ and Julien Drach


Alain Teulié, Camille Japy,

A man and woman enter their apartment returning from a trip. It's
night time. They have a strange feeling as if this return was hiding a
complete other reality.

Just like in a dream, they had imagined coming back home for a little
while, just to say good bye...

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Achele (Sister) (United Kingdom, 17 mins.)

Directed by: Clara Kraft Isono

Written by: Clara Kraft Isono

In Ladakh a remote area of the Himalayas in northern India, two sisters struggle with the onset of separation. As the story unfolds we slowly discover a lost world where development and change threaten to tear the two sisters apart forever. Achele, which means Sister in Ladhaki, is a coming of age story set in some of the most breathtaking and desolate part of the world.

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Album (Second Session) (USA, 10min)

Directed by: David Rimmer

Written by: David Rimmer



Charlie Baker, Darryl Sorrentino, Glynnis O'Connor, Hannah Dunne, Jim Fyfe, Mackenzie Lesser-Roy


An adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize finalist long-running play.  How do the decisions you make at age 18 affect the rest of your life?  In 1967, it meant a young runaway couple, faced with a choice: Canada or Vietnam.  And now, in the present, their own daughter runs away, and they’re faced with another decision that will either bring them closer together or tear them apart.

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Directed by: Jackie Gamber

Written by: Jackie Gamber



Amanda Mulvihill, Ammar L. Ammar, Anna M. Paulson, Chatt Graham, Christian Crooms, Courtney Brigance, David Polacheck, Deena Roth, Ellen Kiersten Gamber, Hubert Weldon, Jeffrey Farmer, Jessica Gaston, Joseph Wilson, Ken Mitten, Kim Chamberlin, Ron Gephart, Shelby F. Elwood, W. Brad Robinson, William Chioggi


Shy teenager Amanda Reach auditions on national television to become America's next superhero.

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Apocrifo (Mexico, 17min)

Directed by: Ernesto Fundora Hernandez

Written by: Ernesto Fundora Hernandez

A story where the restive city of Mexico is offered as background characters to draw psychological and human postures typical of a big city. A story where morality, religion and reason are manipulated for selfish personal gain by individuals who change their destiny with crafty opportunism.

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