Yuri's Omen (Spain, 15)

Directed by: Jordi Montornés

Written by: Jordi Montornés

Chernobyl, 2011. Twenty-five years after the nuclear disaster, the Zone stays locked up to the public. Konstantin is one of the very few people with access to the contaminated area, due to his job as nuclear waste technician. But his connection to the place goes far back in time. For generations, the Mirkomnievs lived in Tremaneve, their hometown in Ukraine. Life went by like in any ordinary family, until a hundred years ago a fire devastated the whole village. Everyone ran away, but the father couldn't make it. Years later, the new heir was killed in the Spanish civil war in 1936. Misfortune did not stop and in '61, the man of the family died in the K-19 submarine accident. In 1986, Tremaneve was one of the villages affected by the nuclear disaster of Chernobyl, and while everyone was being evacuated, Konstantin's father got fatally injured in a Muhajideen attack far from his wife and soon to be born son. For a century, no man in the Mirkomniev lineage had the chance to know his descendants. None of them lived beyond the age of 25. Konstantin, our main character, just turned 25.